So who replaces LaPo?

My money would be on Buck Pierce moving up. . .

I’d lay money on it being Buck as long as Osh is still HC

I’m casting my vote for Buck Pierce as well.


…Buck’s the man…followed by Constanza recently released by Cal…He was their receivers coach for the past 12 seasons…after that hmmmmmmm
…Pierce has certainly earned the right to take over…He’s been a protege of Lapolice for a few years…both in the booth and on the sidelines…Couldn’t go wrong with Buck but I don’t see him being named until Mike O’Shea has his contract settled

Counting in the loyalty factor and the fact he has probably learned a lot from Lapo, it will probably be Buck.

BUT, if you want experience, my choice would be Jacques Chapdelaine. He’s also a Canadian who played in the CFL.

Good luck to you on that one.
He was a horrible OC here in Toronto, went well with the horrid HC.

Hmmmmm. Well Jacques Chapdelaine certainly has an extensive resume!


I would not be blaming several mediocre QBs and one who was hot and cold all year on the OC. Also there were a lot of dropped balls and routes not run correctly, in other words, lazy players. You can’t blame that on the OC either.

Certainly more extensive than Buck.