So... Who may be ready for EDF?

Considering that the Cats have earned a full week off to rest and recuperate the big question is - which players may be back on the field for the East division final?

The biggest name in the media and on the forums is Andy for good reason but we have many others that should be contemplated as their contributions could be substantial.

Selections from the one game IR:
Sam Ojuri, Mossis Madu, Marcellus Bowman, Pete Dyakowski, Greg Ellingson, Carey Koch, Sam Scott and Andy Fantuz.

From the six game IR:
C.J. Gable, Marc Dile, Greg Wojt and a slew of others…

I don’t think the Cats could improve the ferocious defence with any other faces inserted. Keep the consistency.

IMO the names to watch from the one game are Madu, Ellingson and Fantuz. All three of these guys would make an immediate impact as they would solidify the already potent offence. It was pretty incredible that we beat the larks by such a spread without these guys being active. I would love to see what we could do with these players in the rotation.

Seeing C.J. may be a long shot. The question is - even if he is able Gable, do you insert him back in after such a long time off or do you let Grigsby continue his ascent as he becomes more familiar with the team and the playbook. He has improved each game.

Lastly, I haven’t seen a ball going Matt Coates’ way. Is it time for another national receiver to have a shot?

This is going to be a looooooooong two weeks but the anticipation is going to be great!

I don't see how Ellingson could even get in the lineup, based on the way he played this year. Who comes out? Tasker? Bakari? Banks? Sinkfield? No thanks.

The problem with activating ellingson is you would lose sinkfield and his versatility

This is why... He has racked up 429 yards in seven games with an average of 13.4 per catch. Last season - in 15 games 800 yards and an average of 15.4. He goes in for Sinkfield. The guy is clutch.

2014 stats;

number of catches / yards / average / longest / TD

ELLINGSON, G 2014-07-18 HAM CGY 3 58 19.3 30 0
ELLINGSON, G 2014-08-08 HAM BC 4 41 10.3 16 0
ELLINGSON, G 2014-08-16 HAM CGY 6 71 11.8 24 0
ELLINGSON, G 2014-09-01 HAM TOR 5 75 15.0 39 0
ELLINGSON, G 2014-09-07 HAM MTL 5 94 18.8 38 0
ELLINGSON, G 2014-09-14 HAM SSK 7 62 8.9 11 0
ELLINGSON, G 2014-09-20 HAM EDM 2 28 14.0 20 0

Problem is can he return kicks No and if Banks were to get hurt during the game we will have a replacement for him on returns otherwise you would have to forget about special teams

That's a valid point but do you keep such a solid receiver out of every offensive play based on the fact that your kick returner MAY get hurt on a handful of return plays?

The return game is a big part of our team when we had cary koch returning kicks during a game i cannot remember which game . we always were deep in our own end because of it .Sure i like ellingson as a reciever but with possession type recievers we have 2 good ones already Fantuz and tasker

Out of the players listed I can see Fantuz being ready to play and maybe Madu replaces Carter. You have to keep Grigsby in the line up. I like Ellingson but as mentioned above who would you take out. AS for Dyakowski and Wojt I think they are done for the year. Even if they are ready to play are they going to be in game shape? They havn`t played at all this season. These guys need a few games to get up to speed. IMHO

Hopefully the entire team will be ready for the EDF and take us you know where!

Are Koch and Ellingson even still hurt ?

Fantuz in, Giguere returns to his old position, Coates sits.
Madu in, Carter out.
Sinkfield and Tasker (holder for Medlock) over Ellingson.
O-line as-is, too dangerous to mess with it.

How about Gable ?

I don’t think he would be in “game shape” yet. He may be cleared to practice/play, but won’t be up-to-date on new plays, protection schemes, etc at actual game speed.

:thup: Spot On Analysis! :thup:

Yeah, as much as I want to see Dyakowski back, now isn't the time for tinkering. If Pete and Wojyt get healthy, put them on the second string. You can't chance half a season of rust.

Fantuz I assume will be healthy after two weeks. Keep Madu and Grigsby in as a two headed monster.

As far as Ellingson, as much as I'd like to see him back in the lineup, we need two strong kick returners and Banks and Sinkfield are it.

It's been our story for the past few years, we are a very receiver heavy team and I get the feeling Ottawa is looking for some more vet receivers and might be looking to deal their first round pick for some.

Not to be picky sig but......Aprile would be the one sitting out while Coates would be the back-up receiver.

geez - one TINY mistake... lol

Is there any word yet on whether Fantuz will be available for EDF?

I would assume that we are unlikely to hear anything about Fantuz or the status of any other player until Sunday or Monday once the team all gets together again after their week off for the bye week.

After reading all the posts in this thread, I am just glad that I am not a coach and that I don't have to make these decisions.