So, who is the new boss of officials?

It has been almost two months since Mr. Black was fired. Who has the league replaced him with? Is there any word from Toronto on who the successor might be? I thought this would have been taken care of by now.

Should be Jake Ireland's turn. He might have to brush up on the rule book though.

Marty York reports that the CFL will announce Turkeybend as the new director of Officiating. :lol:

His first job is to inject poetry and verse into penalty announcements. :lol: :lol:

Jake Ireland's next penalty announcement: " Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I got holding on Calgary fifty two"

Makes you wonder whats taking so long. You'd think if they fired Black, they would have a replacment ready! :roll: :roll:

If that's true, Sporty, there will be an offensive pass interference call whenever the opposition scores a TD against the Riders. :smiley:

Well, Black is still the Director. Take a look at the press release. ... 0&writer=0

He is still director until a new one is selected, which according to the press release will be in early 2008 (which we are still well within). Also, Black will still be involved with the CFL.

Actually, thinking back, Turkeybend might have been one of the officials on the field. I'm sure I've heard numerous fans shout at BC Place......

"Get in the game you turkey!"

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Turkeybend gets my vote.
He would clearly be an upgrade...

And I love the poetry idea:

There once was a man from Nantucket.
He dropped back to chuck it.
He bobbled the ball,
And I’ll make the call.
The defence clearly has plucked it.

Hope Jm doesn't grade too harshly....

-20%...not enough syllables in the second line...

I knew that was a problem.

I hope by -20 you mean 20% off, not -20 final grade…

Of course I always sucked at poetry…

Make that three months now. The Season starts in less than four months.

Some questions?

(1) Is that enough time for the new boss to evaluate his staff. Fire some, and Hire new ones?

(2) Is it enough time to organize the Officials Training Camp? (Before the system crash, Ned Braeden reported they have a training camp in late May early June)

(3) What about Rule Changes? Shouldn't the New Director participate or have a say in those?

I wonder since its taken so long, the CFL hasn't found a sucker, I mean candidate to do the job. Could George Black be back? Hey George, I have a name of a good Lawyer to re-negotiate your contract! :lol: :lol: :lol:

How about this for poetry:

“To err is human,
To forgive is divine;
Toronto was offside,
But B.C. declines.”


“On further review, it is clear that the ball
Bounced off of the turf. We’re reversing the call.
The touchdown we thought the Stampeders had scored
Doesn’t count; please take six points off the board.
The Stamps are upset, see their scowls and frowns,
But it’s Edmonton’s ball: turnover on downs!”

Just to name a couple.

Way to go Big Dave..... Turkey will hire you as a supervisor for sure! :lol: :lol:

You make some good points Sportsmen. Can someone correct me or has the league STILL not done anything about this??? The season begins in a couple months plus now and no new boss for refs? Now THAT is interesting. :?

My vote goes to Jake Ireland. He has many years of officiating experience in the CFL. He’s a quality official.

I have not heard anything new on either Radio Station or Newspaper.

Good suggestion Birdman! (Jake Ireland) Also, what about Dave Yule? Didn't he retire last year? I can't beleive the lack of urgency in this manner........

It will be Jake Just Watch..

Haiku for Danny M.

an aging willow
its image unsteady
in the flowing stream


Spring has sprung the grass is green, but where the heck has Mark Cohon been?...


Looks like we know now.....Tom Higgins.

[url=] ... &nid=23489[/url]

I'm glad for Higgins! The stamps didn't treat him very respectfully near the end of his tenure. He comes across as someone who is going to do a good job because he isn't full of himself!