So who is or was worth the big bucks?

There have been a number of posts as to who is worth what? Are they really worth the big bucks? Well I'll ask the question...What player do you feel was so important to a team that he was worth or is worth 150,000 or more bucks? If you were the GM what would you pay them? I'll start of by saying the player that I thought was worth every penny of 400,000 + was Doug Flutie. He was the engine of any team!

i think Danny McManus was worth the big bucks when he came to Hamilton with Darren Flutie being another guy also during the 1998 year and 1999.

I also think Earl Winfield was worth the big bucks also.

This year, i think Chris Thompson is worth 150,000.

I also think Terry Caulley is worth 150,000, much more then Jesse Lumsden

Prechae Rodriguez deserves the good money this year also and he proved himself that he can be one of the best.

Quinton Porter deserves to make 150,000 a year and more if he can bring in the numbers he did last year for the last few games that we played him.

Thats just my two cents worth

8) "Rocket" Ishmail ????? :roll: