SO??? who is going???

to the EAST FINAL??? HAMILTON Vs. Toronto???

I'm going down with a group of 10 guys, go Argos

I'm in the planning stages...

I am personally offended by the use of the word "Argos"

I would hope the "Mods" of this forum will take the necessary actions to ensure that this word is never used again on these forums.. We have the R word, and F word warnings... time for the A word warning...

...indeed it is a slippery slope...good post though :thup: :lol:

Ticketmaster is saying demand for TO/Ham game is so high that pick your own seat is not available!!! :rockin:

You can blame TiCat fans for that..... sorry!

They can't be Argo fans buying tickets, most of them don't go to the RC, they are always complaining that the RC is the problem. Ticat fans must be snapping up the tickets.

For years, CFL fans have said why can't the Ticats and Argos BOTH be good at the same time. Well, that time has come. Can't wait to see what the ratings will be.

It's just like the Vanier Cup last year. I think I will wait a couple of days before getting tickets when the initial rush dies down. It's a lot of money to be laying out, and I plan to be taking my daughter so I want to make sure I'm getting the right seat...

Tickets bought! A group of eight of us are going to be eight of the many that will make the SkyDome the Ti-Cats' home next Sunday. First time since '86 that the Cats and A*gos (happy, HTD) will meet in the East Final (and we all remember how that ended). Cannot wait 'til next Sunday!

Not until I get my “The A Word” thread!!

Oh yeah got my tickets for the game! I don't even think Chris rudge could do anything to mess up next Sunday with the ticats coming to town for an eastern final! They should get 40,000 with Chris rudge sleeping all week no problem! Aaaarrrggggggggggoooooooooooooooooooooooosss!!!!!!


And please, stop infecting every thread with your anti-Rudge agenda. There is a thread for that, so can we please keep the other threads about anything but Rudge. Thanks.

Got my ticket, will be there with another 6 or so Ti-Cat fans.


Chris Rudge told me not to go so I won't be going. But will be watching it on TV for sure.

Argos ---- SUCK!

Come on what's wrong with you ticat fans you can't even sell out a 13,000 seat stadium, and now the ticats are just one game away from going to the grey cup and you guys can't make the drive of half an hour to the game? Thumbs down to the ticat fans! Earl I think you got it mixed up ticats suck!


What stadium is half an hour away from Hamilton? Guelph was 45-60 minutes away and Toronto is 50-60 minutes away. None of those are within a half hour of Hamilton.

And yeah, Alumni Stadium had 13,000 or so there, but those 13,000 make 10x the noise that the 20,000 make at the Dome. No matter how many Ti-Cat fans show up next Sunday, you're going to hear them over the Ar-blows fans.


Whatever 45-60 mins same thing you guys still don't show up to your big games!


I tried calling for tickets today, but the argos were not taking calls for tickets today.
Last week before their final home game of the season, and they don't have anyone to take calls for tickets.
Anyone else see a problem with that?

I did end up ordering 4 tickets online. Big pain in the butt trying to do that from the road.