So who is getting the weekend off ?

So we know Mat Proux will be out of the line-up this weekend. Who else ? I hope we are not planning to work AC in a meaningless game on the road against Toronto?

Are we going to play Jourdain or Woodruff on the line ? and give Chiu or Lambert some time off ?

Defensive Coordinators are going to watch the film on Boulay and Sanchez... I'll tell you. Those two need to have a perfect game.

I could see AC getting a half of work. As far as the remainder of the team, those nursing even the most minor bumps and bruises won't play.

News to me.

Resting or injured?

Injured. Broken bone in his hand.

Didnt know that!
How long?

Well it will take a couple months for the bone to heal but he'll play with a protective cast. They just keeping him out by preventive measures. He'll be playing in the final. (broke small bone on top of hand small finger )

While there will be changes,some due to injuries, it is difficult to foresee how many. Here what I expect.

Anthony will dress but Adrian will start at QB.
Brandon Whitaker will replace Avon Cobourne as RB.
Chad Owens will replace Andrew Hawkins as WR.
S.J. Green will dress; replace either Watkins or Richardson.
Danny Desriveaux could start in place of Ben Cahoon; Glen MacKay will be added, if so.
Doug Goldsby could replace -not as starter- Matthieu Proulx as S and on special teams.
Anthony Maggiacomo to replace Walter Spencer as LB and on special teams.
Jerald Brown to replace either Dix or Samuels as DB.
Bryan Chiu will not dress,as last Sunday.
Diarrhan Diedrick will be replaced by Guillaume Allard-Cameus.
If Jermaine McElveen is not 100%, he will be replaced by either Darrell Robertson or Ty Steinkuhler.

We will see on Friday, when the revised depth Chart/roster is available on Als site.


Really ? really ? or you pulling this stuff out of you... :wink:

I'm gonna need to print a roster sheet to figure this out. Well that's a nice way to say thanks to the guys that work hard and dont see the field much :thup: