So who is everybody cheering on in the play-offs since we're not invited ?

Hey fellow Ti-Cats fans , well the 2017 regular season is in the books and the play-offs are now looming . Unfortunately our boys failed to get an invite to the dance this season , so I'm just curious as to which team (if any) you will be backing to win this years Cup . As you can see by my temporary Avatar (I'll be switching back as soon as the season is over , no worries :slight_smile: )I'm jumping on the Bomber bandwagon for this years play-off run and will be cheering them on to hopefully be the Grey Cup champions of 2017.

I think that since we have had a different Champion every year since 2010 that it would be kinda neat to keep the streak going this season . Besides the Bombers haven't won the darn thing since the 1990 season , a stretch going back some 27 years ago and are long overdue to sip Champagne from the old mug . So I'm thinking that the Bombers win it this year and then next year (always next year for us Cats fans it seems :cry: ) we finally win the Cup , break our drought and complete the cycle of a different team winning it for the last nine years .

So let's hear from you all . Who are you all going to be cheering on in this years play-off run and why ?

I want an all west Grey Cup, Go Green!
Green will colour OTT and TOR,
Red Black and Blue

Maybe if they start Duron at Receiver they could score some TD's. :o

Carter has to "bump" the RedBlacks out first

The "REAL" Roughriders bump off the fake Rough Riders

Well, for starters I don't want to see an all West Grey Cup game, so Saskatchewan is out which will be easy for me since I can't stand Chris Jones or obnoxious Rider fans. Secondly, I don't want to see the "lucky, horseshoe-filled " Redblacks make it to the championship game three years in a row, although I want them to beat the Riders. Don't want to see the smug Stampeders and their coach anywhere near the Grey Cup, so I guess I'm left with three teams. Edmonton or Winnipeg from the West and Toronto (gulp!) from the East.

Interesting post...
Since I truly hate the Airblows and Ottawa.
I will be cheering for a Western Team.
Edmonton will be my pick.
But let’s not forget that an all Western Grey Cup this year, may happen.
Saskatchewan is the might just happen.

Edmonton is my choice ,Reilly is a well spoken leader ,first class ,I like Edmonton ,great CFL Franchise ,should be home to the Hall of Fame......
Can never cheer for the Greens , I respect and like Ricky Ray , so I kind of cheer for him .

I'm cheering for the refs. I really hope since they've got no chance of winning, they use these games as an "extended pre-season" of sorts and really try to get better for next year.

y'know, call up some younger refs, see how they do in game situation, that sort of thing.

Interesting results so far in this poll :

Only 14 votes in and 7 of you or 50% are saying an emphatic NO to anyone if it's not the Cats .

Unbelievably that team from Toronto has actually garnered 2 votes :o. Come on now , come clean , who are the two of you's out there that are now sporting Double blue colours ? . Kindly identify yourselves and face the music fellas and or gals ;D.

Finally early on in this poll it seems that there is no love for either the Stumps or the SillyNames ie the TWOCOLOURS as there is nary a vote for either team so far.

Yup , very interesting results so far indeed .
Keep those votes rolling in Cat Nation , let's hear from ya's

OSKIE WEE WEE !! Hamilton Ti-Cats 2018 Grey Cup Champions (....we hope.... 8))

The last part of my user name says it all. Having Ottawa in the Grey Cup game will make for a wild party here.

And I think they are a lot better team than their record. Just like we were a handful of plays away from going 10 and 0 to end the season, they were a handful of plays away from having a 16 and 2 season.

And finally with that vote the TWOCOLOURS are on the board :D.

So what is Toronto gonna do when Leafs legendary Coach Babcock cheers against the team his Organization owns after SSK clobbers OTT and then moves on to BMO?? :o :o :o

I like the drought angle (WPG), which boosts our team of destiny claim for 2018. The hard part would be having to become the longest-suffering team for a whole season and possibly more. The only team not to have won the Cup in this century.

I used to have a soft spot for some other teams, but a few years ago I realized I hate all of them.

Calgary still needs to be humbled, and this late-season collapse will be a thing of beauty if the lose the west final.

Hard to cheer for the west crossover team, although Sask has proven themselves to be quite scrappy this year.

OTT needs to have that horseshoe pried out of their butts. They've been punching above their weight for too long.

Can`t really cheer for the double-blue, even if I like Ray. But better an Eastern team representing the East than SSK.

As for EDM, I could get behind cheering for Gable and Chick - a one-time only thing. And I admire how they pulled themselves out of that 6-game mid-season slump.

No all-West Grey Cup for me.

I live in Ottawa, and am genetically hard-wired to despise the blew team with all my heart and soul.

That leaves me with Ottawa. As for the three legitimate Western teams, I would have to go with Winnipeg in The Game. They are riding a winning streak, Edmonton is not nearly as good, and Calgary has lost 3 in a row (with a narrow defeat of us thrown in). BLM is playing with an injured shoulder, but Willy is playing hurt as well. It should be in interesting game in the WDF.

All that being said, I have to agree with Bobo and cheer for Winnipeg, despite that despicable, traitorous head coach... lol

I voted for Toronto, it was difficult but it was for the CFL if TO doesn't start bringing more fans the whole league could be in trouble. ::slight_smile:

LOL !!! So yer cheering for "that" team are ya ? ;DWell at least you admit it ;D

Sickening isn't it. I'm in the same place as you and trying to stomach cheering forany of those three.

After all of the losing we have done since 2000; I hate all other teams. Up to last year, if it wasn’t the cats, I wanted the Redblacks to win for a couple of reasons: HANK, as Austin had screwed him; FANS OF OTTAWA so the team would survive.

I have had free tickets to BMO, with other opponents, but always decline; unless I can see a tie or both teams lose. Lol!

Can’t cheer for Bombers as O’shame is there. Only ex cat I detest.
Stamps, no way, Cocky BLM
ARGO - yuck.
ESKS, Reilly is great, but they have won way too many times in my lifetime.

So if Sask wins it will be the least painful, love to see Glen get a ring. He’s been class, all these years. Bridge, a Canadian Qb. Carter can brag to his dad that he won a championship that eluded the old man!

It would add another dimension to the Kevin Glenn Legacy debate.

Some would argue that he now has a ring and therefore belongs firmly in the pantheon of the greats. Others would point out that SSK only won because they pulled Glenn for Bridge, as they have been doing for weeks, so Glenn isn’t exactly Damon Allen.

I say Winnipeg and Ottawa in the Cup with Winnipeg winning for the first time since 1990.

Anyone but those “horse-shoe? weilding RedBlacks and those cocky Horses! Go Eskimos!

a buddy of mines daughter is dating a blew team member. would like to see them do well.... never thought i would say this. but told him about the playoff bonuses so he better get him a good christmas gift