So? Who do we wanna play next week?

And what does that have to do with not trying to win ?

Nobody said that they weren't trying to win. So I don't know why you keep saying that. Of course they would have liked to win those last 2 games, but resting starters and giving Porter more reps was way more important to Hamilton than winning. It is similar to the goal of most exhibition games.

They were already destined to finish 3rd (even with a 10-8 record because of the season series records against both Montreal and Winnipeg) so in escence they were playing exhibition games. Truly a smart thing to do if you want to have your healthiest team to make an effective playoff run.

And lots of teams rest starters in meaningless games at the end of the season. They do it to avoid injury to their star players and to give up and comers a chance to play in real game situations. It is very common practice. How can you not know this?

yeah, they probably would've smoked Saskatchewan if they started Kevin Glenn instead of Porter. Wait. I mean Kevin Glenn probably would've set a single game interceptions thrown record. Hamilton didn't lose to Saskatchewan because it was an "exhibition" style game. They lost because Saskatchewan was the better team that day, and Saskatchewan wasn't very good either.

The Bombers played their backups more than Hamilton did down the stretch. It was forced, yes, but it doesn't give either team an excuse. They were 3-6 in the second half. At least the Bombers were close when they lost. Hamilton got smoked.

Hamilton's OFFENSE just played a heck of a game. Against a Montreal defense that only had half of their regular starters. Their DEFENSE got schooled. As usual.

I don't think it's going to be a "cakewalk". Anything can happen. And I don't hate the Tiger Cats, I just don't think Hamilton is a very good team. Bellefeuille is an average coach. Glenn is an average QB who's been getting worse all year. Their defense is terrible. When Hamilton plays well, they can beat anyone. When they don't, they don't stand a chance against anyone. Good teams find a way to win when they aren't at their best. When Hamilton isn't at their best, more often than not, they lose by 20 or 30.

I guess we'll see on Sunday. Should be a good game no matter who wins.

Mrbean, if they haven't really "played"during the last two games of the season as you put it, isn't that like forfeiting those games and can't I equate that with not really trying or not caring about winning due to their position in the standings. This is your whole point about Ham. This idea of playing-not playing is not a switch you can flick off and on.When did Ham. actually know for certain their standing ? If it was just the last 2 games, then they really didn't care and the people who payed to see a regular season game got ripped and both were road games for Ham. That's nice ! I wouldn't be too proud of that, This isn't an NHL sked with 80-plus games where you can rest a player or two for the last 2 games. I get the feeling I was going to games while you were still shitting yellow. Bowlerdude and I have both torn your argument apart. I still think the Cats were lucky to win last Sunday. I'll take the Bombers' record while still trying to win with a 3rd string QB over a team that didn't bother !

You've done no such thing. You just don't want to believe it. That's fine, but nothing you have said has "torn" my comments in any such way.

I agree with you that fans who paid to see the "A" team got ripped off in those games, but it is still common practice in many leagues to play backups and rest starters for the playoffs. You may not like it, but it doesn't make it not true.

TiCats have a pretty tough act to follow, not to mention the huge emotional aspect of the win. If they can follow up that performance in ESF, two weeks in a row, good on them but, it rarely happens.

And thank you redandwhite for nuking the troll. For a fan base that complains so much about Bomber trolls and skeets, they sure have their share.