So? Who do we wanna play next week?

'Cats or Als?

Feel pretty good about facing either of them...personal choice, I'd like to be the team to knock the Als off their perch...


I too want the Als. I'm thinking we might take Ham. a little too easy. The incentive to beat the GC champs may be the key. It's going to be nice to sit back and watch two games analytically with no preference for any team. I just hope the refs let them play!!!

Hamilton is the biggest longshot to win a grey cup and worst team on the road. Both teams have similar defenses and special teams, but Montreal offense is superior. So Hamilton is preferred opponent.

......Both teams have some question marks?????My take is that the Als. are banged-up more than the Cats but when healthy are a superior team...????????I have to say i'd rather play Mont. right now...and beating a really good team would give the Bombers a boost going into the Cup...This is a tough call...No matter who we play....message to Bombers...Just win baby :thup: :rockin:

....Glenn and his Cats get the win.....It should be the last in 2011....Should be a good one in the Peg... :thup:

I'm glad we didn't have to play Hamilton this week, had a feeling they might pull something like that off. Feeling much better about our chances next week now.

Watching Glenn play brought back memories of 2007. I'm glad he had his great game today. Now he might go back to being Glenn the big game juicer. However, let's not bank on that...

Bring it on boys...can't wait....Oski Wee Wee

.....NO have to 'bring it' as the game is in the frigid confines of Canadinns....Good're gonna need it :wink:

All I can say is this team better play 60 minutes and give the Stadium the send off she deserves! :rockin:

Both semi-final games had a taste of the winners not so much winning, as the losers making it easy for them. I think Huf threw away half the game by playing Tate and then the guy who pretty well got them where they are, was thrown in and faltered. Not taking anything away from the Esk. D, who played a good game....... And now the talk from Ham. is that they're some kind of unbeatable juggernaut. Truth is, the Als were a hurting team,mainly on the D, but some on the O too! They still managed to come back and tie it several times and forced overtime. They scored 44 pts. on the Ham. D. and it looked pretty easy when they did score. I'm kinda glad Ham. and their fans think it's going to be a cakewalk come Sunday. I've always loved being underestimated . It gave me a real incentive to prove people wrong !!!!

I don't think any rationally thinking person really thinks it will be a "cakewalk" for either team. The reality is both teams have an equal chance of winning. Winnipeg will be considered the favourite (Swaggerville, etc.) even though it is probably undeserved (3-7 in last 10 games) and likely a disadvantage. The pressure will be on the Bombers and Hamilton will have nothing to lose. Futhermore, beating the same team 4 times in one season is almost impossible to do. We shall see what happens on Sunday.

Are you saying Ham. fans are irrational ? And if the Cats have nothing to lose , why bother playing ?

beating a team 4 times in one season is easy (or at least, no more difficult than beating them 3 times in one year). beat them 3 times and as soon as they do something wrong and fall behind or as soon as you start to come back in the 4th game, it's in their head.

what was Hamilton's record in the second half? 3-6? same as Winnipeg's?

so let's see here.. we have Hamilton having no advantage in terms of recent form, no advantage in terms of ever actually beating the Bombers, no home field advantage, a QB that is prone to choking especially in cold weather games who will face a defense that actually has more than half their starters, and it should be noted that Hamilton's defense is not very good, but hey, their starting RB had 385 more yards than ours this year.. in three times as many games.

you want nothing to lose? the Bombers have already had a hugely successful year. we SMASHED our single season attendance record and went from worst in the East to first in the East. a playoff run would be awesome, but if Hamilton wins the game, once the initial disappointment is gone it'll be considered a pretty good year and a building block going forward.

you want "pressure"? Hamilton has one playoff win in a decade. they are a chronic .500 team. their QB and coach are possibly playing for their jobs, if the GM decides that .500 isn't good enough anymore. if they don't make some noise very soon, things are going to blow up.

Thank you Bowler, I couldn't have said it better !

Dan. . . are you saying that they are not ?

Hi Jack. I'm saying neither, just posing a question.

The Ticats were 3-6 in the last half of the season, but played "exhibition" style games against Saskatchewan and Toronto in order to rest starters (to avoid possible injuries) and to give Porter more playing time. They knew going into the final two games that they could not finish higher than 3rd (even if they finished 10-8). If those games were meaningful they would likely have won both of them from the "bottom feeders" of the league.

People who don't pay attention have a false sense that Hamilton is a weak 8-10 team who have no business being in the playoffs. That is why most people were "shocked" that Hamilton beat Montreal and considered it to be a huge upset. People who follow the CFL closely would realize that Hamilton likely would have finished 5-4 in the second half and 10-8 overall (just like Winnipeg and Montreal) if they really "played" during the last two games of the regular season.

Read this:

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I agree that the Bombers have had a successful season as compared to last year, but with all this talk all season long about how "We're #1 and we're the best and Swaggerville, etc.", there IS a lot to lose. Let's be serious, anything other than a Grey Cup victory will be a HUGE disappointment to Bomber fans.

Yes, the Tiger-Cat fans have endured a decade of horrible seasons, but they have been "respectible" for the past 3, albeit underachieving. This may be their year.

I've never been and never will be in favour of not trying to win, no matter what the situation.The Tor. team you speak of beat Win., Cal. and almost beat Edm. near the end of the sked. None of those 3 teams were resting players. They were all playing for playoff positioning. Sask. almost beat Edm. in the last game. I never realized that there were" meaningless" games and how did the fans who bought tickets for those games feel. Were they told about the plan and they accepted the strategy ? Why wouldn't a team want the best record it could get regardless of its' standing at years end. This argument sounds absurd and I'm glad not too many teams use this scheme..... The only shocked people were the ones who didn't realize Mont. was an injured team.....So they really didn't play the last 2 games of the season- your quote- I think that's sad !

And no matter what happens, most Bomber fans see this year as a success. I don't understand your take on it.

Hamilton had a lot of injuries too - Marwan Hage, Matt Kirk , Dylan Barker, Glenn MacKay, Terry Grant, Ryan Hinds and Woodny Turenne ,Yannick Carter and Ike Brown. And Stevie Baggs, who had to sit because of those injuries.