So which QB's will be protected?

I know the lists of protected players won't be publicized, but still fun to think about.

My thoughts

First the no-brainers on who will be protected (assuming under contract, I don't know the contract status of everyone).

BC - Lulay is their guy. He will be protected.
Edm - Reilly is the only one who has shown up every game and every play this year. He's staying.
Ssk - Durant. 'nuff said.
Tor - Ray. You can't not protect him and Collaros is a free agent so protecting him won't be a smart move.
Mtl - Smith. Calvillo won't play for anyone else, is leaning towards retirement, and Ottawa knows it (or should).

Now the other cases:

Cgy : Glenn is older and nearing the end of his career, and if he is protected, Ottawa would take either Tate or Mitchell. I would protect Mitchell, he's played well, is younger, and doesn't appear to be as fragile as Tate. Protect Mitchell, and whoever is still there could be the starter while Mitchell learns. That said, I'm sure Ottawa would love to have Glenn, but for sure, Calgary is losing a QB in the draft.

Wpg: Could Winnipeg decide NOT to protect any of their QBs, and instead protect an extra player elsewhere, who might be of some use? Don't see Winnipeg losing ANY of their QBs in the draft anyway.

Ham: Is Burris done? He didn't play well in the GC, and LeFevour(sp?) has looked good, and could be in a position to take over as the starter very shortly. But how much of that has been taking advantage of the fact teams will prepare for Burris instead of LeFevour? I could see Ottawa taking either one.

I also agree with other posts elsewhere, that Collaros signs in either Winnipeg or Ottawa.

Gotta agree with you there.

If Desjardins were to pick Hall, Goltz, or Boltus over any of the other QBs available, he should have his head examined.

The protected Qb.'s should pretty much go as posted. The one thing we don't know is what the salary's are and that could have a bearing. Could Saskatchewan for instance, protect Willy, knowing that Ottawa likely would not want to throw a good portion of their payroll at Durant? Ottawa can't afford to lose draft picks so the SMS has to be taken into account. We have the luxury of just looking at the performance, the Ottawa brain trust must also take into account their payroll.

Vancouver - Lulay
Edmonton - Reilly
Calgary - Mitchell (Ottawa takes Glenn or Tate)
Saskatchewan - Durante
Winnipeg - Hall
Toronto - Ray
Hamilton - Lefevour
Montreal - Smith

Best back ups available IMO would be Nichols in Edmonton, Harris in Toronto and Marsh in Montreal. The Als have again IMO the best Canadians still available after protecting their six. Most teams have so many free agents that Ottawa will be scraping the bottom of the barrel especially on the Canadian content.
The free agent deadline should have been brought forward a month and then Ottawa allowed to select after, but that would make sense which doesn't happen very often.

I do agree with you,DoubleBlue, regarding QBs to be protected.

I say Ottawa will select Kevin Glenn from Calgary; if they do select a 2nd QB, it will be Tanner Marsh from Montreal.


If we protect hank, I will puke.

It has been posted before but will say it again. I would be very surprised if Ottawa picks Glenn. Somebody posted that he will be a free agent in January. It would make far more sense for Ottawa to pass on him now and if they are interested go after him as a free agent. There won't be a lot of competition for his services and he would not cost a lot salary wise.

I see Ottawa taking one of Calgary's kickers and passing on the Stampeders quarterbacks. Mitchell likely will be protected and tate is too much of a gamble. I predict that Ottawa takes two of Nichols, DeMarco or Willy in the draft and chooses whichever calgary kicker is not protected.

…Have to agree with most of the list as well, except for the protecting of Hall in the Peg…It makes no sense for the Bombers to protect Hall, as there are far better options out there that can be acquired…Glenn to Ottawa almost a certainty and possibly Lefevour orrrrr Burris … More towards Lefevour IF Glenn is acquired by Ottawa AND depending on who Austin wants to protect…Henry could be had??.. I will add but not a certainty either…Collaros to Wpg. in a deal or through free agency… Looking ahead,this is going to be a very interesting time in the CFL… :wink:

I can't see Ottawa taking a Montreal QB. There are better QBs to be had across the league, while Montreal has great NI depth. If I'm Desjardins, I'm targeting Montreal's O-line in the draft and choosing my QBs elsewhere...

Burris is a FA and will probably resign with Hamilton after the draft. Winnipeg has to protect somebody and Hall seemed to have become the best of the worst. I think Hall has some potential, but if Winnipeg can land Collaros then he would be the protected QB. This isn't rocket science. :slight_smile:

Here's a bucket.

As far as I'm concerned Henry has earned a new two year deal. Top league passer, only one to play every game (despite being the most sacked), it's a no-brainer.

For Ottawa, a young QB with lots of upside with a veteran back-up is their best bet. Ideally I think Ottawa would love Collaros with Glenn as the back-up. Calgary would be better off protecting Tate than Mitchell for that simple reason. Even though Mitchell is probably a better quarterback than Collaros, Ottawa needs the veteran leadership more.

So who will be protected? Smith, Ray, Burris, (Winnipeg, doesn't matter), Durant, Mitchell, Tate, Lulay.

One thing that nobody seems to address is, why would Ottawa take Glenn if he becomes a free agent in January, as has been suggested. If he is coming up to free agency, the RedBlacks could get him as a free agent and use their quarterback picks to select somebody else. If Glenn is on Ottawa's horizon, it would make far more sense to sign him as a free agent and expand the draft pool by not taking a quarterback. Why would they waste a draft selection on a guy they would have to resign as a free agent anyways?

Keep in mind that if Ottawa takes a QB from a team, they can't take a kicker from that team AND that team can protect extra NI players.

Teams like Calgary that are loaded at other positions might be worth more Ottawa by leaving their QBs alone, particularly if said QBs are going to be free agents anyway.

Ottawa could try to sign Tate or Glenn in the off season, so I'm not sure they take either of them if Mitchell is protected.

Bombers will have to protect one QB, they cannot use that one spot on another position player. It will be Max Hall I think unless they swing a deal for another QB before the draft.

I too think Hamilton protects LeFevour since Burris is a pending FA from what I understand.

I'm curious as to the status on some of the other QBs around the league. Obviously Collaros is a pending FA. Is Drew Willy heading for FA as well or is he under contract for next season? What about Neiswander? I'm guessing he's heading into his option year on his deal? Marsh I believe is still under contract for next season. We could theoretically take out some names from the projected QB pool if Ottawa stays true to their word and avoids pending FAs.

The comment on whether it's worth it for Ottawa to select a Stamp QB when it would exclude them from selecting one of their kickers is interesting. I've thought before Rob Maver might be an interesting target for them. But is Maver really worth it for the Redblacks when Hugh O'Neill and his beard are a perfect match for the lumberjack motif, so I've come back around to thinking Ottawa will take a QB from Calgary.

....Is Glenn a free agent??????Seems to me there was an extension announced by Cal. during the season...There definitely is a concern in Cal about their kickers....I doubt that the new Ottawa franchise takes one though...especially considering they have the best pool of qbs. to choose from AND Ottawa cannot pick a kicker and a qb. from the same team.. ...AND is there a rule in the draft that says a team MUST protect a qb....I thought that was the teams option..In any case, I expect the Bombers will not protect Hall and leave that door open for Collaros when they sign him in the next week... :lol: (okay I'm not dead certain, just going by intuition :wink: )

I've heard time and time again that Glenn ISN'T a free agent. Seems like every time someone mentions Glenn going to Ottawa, the story changes. Does someone have a source that says whether Glenn is or isn't a FA?

...Good question????????

Kevin Glenn is not a potential free agent. It was either in the Calgary Herald or Calgary Sun a month or so ago. In the same article, it was written that both Glenn and Tate had agreements for the 2014 season; also written that Bo Levi Mitchell had an agreement through the 2015 season.



Many people just evaluate the player "as is". There are other elements at play, as you describe, and I think when it's all said and done, people will be surprised with the choice because of the other factors, and because they're too QB-focused.

I have seen several conflicting opinions on whether or not Glenn is a free agent or not and also that he becomes a free agent in January. Glenn himself said he is Stampeder at this moment, which does not say he will be in January. That is why I said, if he is a free agent. I still maintain that he will not be selected in the draft by Ottawa anyways but may go there by some other means, trade etc. Either Tate or Mitchell (whichever is not protected) IMO would likely be selected ahead of Glenn if Ottawa does not select a Calgary kicker in the draft.