So.... Which Overtime Rules do you Prefer?

CFL or NFL? Yesterday’s NFL match has re-ignited the controversy.

Is there even a good way to do overtime in a game like football or are all proposals inevitably flawed?

In the NFL the team which wins the coin toss predominately wins the game. Obviously both teams should be given an opportunity on offence. The CFL overtime is much fairer. I preferred the old overtime with two 5-minute halfs, which involves the kickers, returners…but the games did drag on too long. The new overtime is fine and fair…and is pretty exciting.

…CFL by far…the NFL can argue all it wants that their OT is ‘fair’ but it’s not…the fact that Mahommes sat through the entire OT is testament to how fair it is…


It’s like going into the 10th inning of a baseball game and the visitors score in the top of the 10th…and the game is over with the home team not getting a chance to even the score.

Just dumb.

I think I’ve read somewhere that stats show the team winning the coin toss only wins slightly more than 50% of the time . . . but regardless, it doesn’t seem very fair to me, especially if the receiving team scores on their first drive.

I also prefer the old two 5-minute halves. If the current format would add special teams back into the game by beginning each mini-game with a kick (perhaps first round do a kickoff and second round do a punt?), I would like it more.

I just wish they would dump the mandatory 2 point convert attempt on TDs in OT. To me, that is garbage. They’ve also moved the kick attempt way back, and it is missed at times, so why not go back to it.

Many people seem to have an issue with a game ending in a tie though…which I don’t get.

I don’t see how an extra 10 minutes of overtime football, with everything at stake, could be considered as dragging on too long. The old rule absolutely should still be in effect. The shootout format is just as flawed as the NFL’s, since special teams are truly one-third of Cdn football – and kick returns are among the most exciting and unpredictable plays – except just not in OT.

So who was the poster who said " CFL refs are bush league " ?
Just ask how NEW OREANS and K.C. feels today.?
Any one who doesn’t believe that Sunday’s AFC and NFC games were not rigged.?
Please put up your hands?
All I know is if you were betting on those games NEITHER team covered the spread. AGAIN!.
Well at least the BOOKIES are happy. They cleaned up , AGAIN.
However , we are always told that the NFL is the best in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Only 1 country in the WHOLE wide world plays 4 down football at an NFL level.
THE CALGARY STAMPS : were The WORLD CHAMPS of 3 down football N.A. style in 2018.
Of course we all know that the WORLD’S most popular sport is , soccer. The vast majority of the whole wide World calls that real football. They do play that game with their feet.

54% to be exact - and yesterday there was 2 overtime games. Only 1 coin toss winner won the game.

I’m not a big fan of the current rule, but I don’t think its unfair as the Monday morning media makes it seem.

My solution for overtime, especially playoffs, is to start a new game, and play one 15 minute quarter. A safety or defensive TD ends the game, and being up 9+ ends the game, otherwise, just play until the clock hits 0:00

I mostly prefer the NFL, if only they would institute that both teams have equal possessions.

The CFL wins easily. This method and the old NFL method of OT remind me of a shoot out in hockey. I don’t like shoot outs.

I prefer the CFL format far more, but if the NFL is so insistent about getting it over with as soon as possible, I say just go straight to a field goal shootout from the 50 – first team to miss loses. That would be far fairer than what they have now.

The CFL version is fair and the ball is already in scoring position PLUS it works as there are very few ties anymore since the overtime was set up in the CFL .

The NFL version is not balanced as the game relies on both a offence and defence teams to win the games .

With KC not getting to respond it lacks the reality of Football’s uniqueness that there are actually two different versions of the same team one offence and one defence .

All we knew yesterday was that KC’s defence broke but the Pats defence should have had to stop KC 's offence yesterday as well .

Don’t care how long it lasts but the game deserved a equal fight .

It’s not hockey where sudden death is valid .

Both versions of the team should get an opportunity to play in overtime .

I know, it sucks that in such a huge game it was over so quickly, but the rules were known to both teams, Score a TD on the first drive and you win.
If KC wanted Mahones to get his chance then their defence had to stop the Patriots from scoring a TD, they didn’t and they lost.
If they would have held them to a Field goal they would have had their chance but they failed.
The rules didn’t cost KC the game, their Defence did, there were three 3rd and 10 plays in OT for the Patriots in OT on that drive and the KC defence failed to stop them on all 3.

Yeesh! Tony Romo doing colour on the broadcast knew exactly which play the Patriots were going to run before the snap but the Chiefs DC had no idea. ???
Romo called almost every one

I don’t feel sorry for KC at all, Now, the Saints, Yes I do , they got robbed, ridiculous non call

I get why the overtime rules are wht they are, but they suck. As things stand now, guys like Gizmo and Brandon can go change after regulation is over. (okay they both can play receiver-which Banks does). But you get my point. Coaches go on and on about the THREE phases of the game. Punt returns now mean squat. Go back to the old rules. Two 5 minute halves. Toronto lost an Eastern final because the coach though it was a quarter and they would switch ends and keep the ball. But end of half is lose posession. Just my thoughts.

Huh? When was this?

CFL OT is much, much better. IMHO way more exciting.

I also like the CFL reviews (what is review-able / what is not) much better as well.


I prefer the CFL OT rules over the NFL’s. I do like the NCAA’s too which is similar to the CFL’s but different convert rules.

For the first two possessions if a team scores a TD they can still kick a one point convert. Once they get to the third round they have to go for if they score a TD.