So Which Is It? Calvillo or the Coaching Staff?

Since it seems THIS is going to be the debate...
At least until Hawkins and/or Miller get canned
Let me put my two cents in
And elucidate several reasons why much of the blame lies with AC:

  1. Lack of stamina
    Watching the game over (i know...glutton for punishment)
    I can't help noticing that in the 1st quarter AC was rolling out, changing the release point
    Doing everything he needed to do to keep the defence off him
    And get the job done.

If the Stamps had buckled for 2 quarters and then adjusted...and come back
I'd say Huf had sussed it all out and made the necessary changes
But it's clear
The offensive strategy was SOUND
Great even
Unfortunately...that kind of effort on the part of your QB is extremely taxing
Especially if it's not exactly your bread and butter
After a quarter of looking fresh and athletic (for AC...let's be honest)
The offensive game plan fell apart

Let's face it
Age spares no one.
At his peak AC couldn't run that kind of offence for 4 quarters
This time it lasted only 1[/i]

  1. Courage or Cowardice

[i]Anyone who's played the game knows how courageous (or downright nuts)
You have to be to put your body on the after play

Obviously both the CFL and NFL have work to do protecting their most vital players
Quarterbacks are falling by the week
But it IS a violent sport
Everyone risks getting injured on every play

Two weeks ago Travis Lulay pulled off a block
That inspired his entire team
This kind of commitment and sacrifice is the kind of thing
That wins championships and inspires EVERYONE

While any Alouettes player will tell you
They'd rather AC shy away from ANY contact
The truth their hearts...if AC is unwilling to sacrifice everything to win
Why the heck should they?
It's basic human nature
And it's killing this team.[/i]

  1. Leadership

[i] maybe these coaches don't really GET the CFL
Offensively anyway
(Let's face it...they are doing a very un-Trestman like
Bang up job on defence and Special Teams)
And I don't know how many times I've heard folks talk about the great coach AC will make when/if he retires

So...when his team is scraping along....losing abysmally

After a 20-year career at quarterback
All the experience he's had
Not to mentioned understudying Marc trestman
Where is AC's leadership in pulling this team out of it's hole?

You'd think he would have learned a thing or two
in all these years

Or is Calvillo (future coach) reluctant to tie his wagon
To Calvillo (washed up quarterback)?

It's a fair question
And one that's in the back of everyone's mind
If the coaches are really that useless
Why can't AC take the reigns and pull this team out of it?[/i]

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Maybe it's just you, SAM. :wink:

*mic drop


Je vais prendre une chance : de votre point de vue, c'est Calvillo.

Instead of obtuse sarcasm
And in the interest of the team...

Why not try something new:

Actually read an argument that conflicts with your own
Give it consideration and then...
Attempt an honest answer.

This team is in trouble

Try helping

It's no wonder I've received several private messages over the years
From folks thanking me for my brutal honesty
And apologizing that they're not willing
To subject themselves to the character assassination
And "swarm mentality" on this board
(vis...the latest reaction to folks DARING to mention Calvillo might be at fault here)

I have to admit
I've stopped short of reprimanding
After all...I know what a pain it can all be
But I certainly won't let it stop me
From telling the TRUTH
No matter inconvenient it may be

Truth is a sly devil
It keeps lurking there at the borders of your consciousness
Demanding to be heard

The kicker is:
The longer one lives in denial
Especially of a unhappy truth
The more power it gains
Until it finally cannot be denied any longer
like a's only going to get worse unless something is done...

So Open Wide Boys...The Doctor is IN

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T'est tu conscient de quoi tu a l'air quand tu "poste" un commentaire sans avoir meme lu en premiere lieu?
Vraiement poche, man.

Oh, the irony! :lol:
You should take your own advice, rather than constantly tell us we're wrong.

If we’re talking seriously, I don’t think it’s an “or” question.

The coaching has been bad this year. Numerous people have pointed out the problems with schemes, practice time, you name it. The total collapse in the Calgary game should demonstrate that, the coaches had no answer for what the Stamps coaches were doing to adjust.

Calvillo? He’s 41. Inevitably athletes have a harder time every year keeping up as they age, it’s just the unfortunate reality of mortality. He looked like he was starting to slow down last year, and that’s continued. He can still be effective, as we saw for one quarter in Calgary.

Other players are also lacking. Richardson isn’t what he used to be, for example. The O-Line isn’t what it used to be. So while Calvillo isn’t what he used to be, you can’t pin everything on him.

You can definitely say that the team doesn’t know what they have in terms of backups, which has been a problem for a while. Without the love affair for McPherson, years ago I was wondering why the team passed up obvious chances for him to play in games that didn’t matter to get reps, instead of playing Calvillo anyway and risking injury. The team was blessed with a QB that could play at a high level this long (without being injury prone), but that doesn’t mean you just ignore the reality that sooner or later you’re going to need a guy to replace him.

So to answer the original question: “all of the above”. The coaches need to give the players a game plan that can win, and the players need to do things like get open and complete passes. The CFL is famous for giving QBs too much credit when the team does well, and too much blame when the team does badly.

(I mean, a few years ago when Calvillo was throwing for 6000 yards and the team was starting every season 9-0, I’m pretty sure the fact that half the offense was all-stars had something to do with it. It sure helps your numbers standing behind an O-Line that’s unbeatable and having a guy like Cahoon who will catch anything you throw near him.)

Its obvious that both Calvillo and the Coaching Staff our to blame, with that said, the Als would be better with Calvillo at QB and Hawkins and Miller gone rather than Calvillo gone and Hawkins and Miller remain.

That’s the ultimate answer.

I'd agree with that.

Great encapsulation of the issue, well-said.

It`s McPherson.

Here he was a world class QB who if not unjustly blacklisted by the NFL would have several Super Bowl rings adorning his fingers. Bitter at being stuck in the CFL he never bothered to share any of the secrets of his golden arm or thoroughbred legs and running ability with his vastly inferior QB teammate.

And with a new coaching staff on the horizon he selfishly bolted to an inferior league with the sole goal of showcasing his already well-known amazing abilities. Leaving the new coaches without the strategy, guidance and direction he no doubt could have provided.

The mess we are in is all on McPherson.

sheldon, your logic is IRON-CLAD. Down with McPherson! Down with McPherson! Down with McPherson! (waves placard)



But we all know it would be perfect if "Lloyd and Harry" were the HC and OC as long as McPherson was the QB.

Als would probably have at least 2 more GC rings if that were the case :wink:

Dumping AC in the middle of the season right now would be worse than when Mike Kelly dumped Glenn with no replacement in the off season a few years ago. They still suffering four years later.

J'm'en câl... de ce que j'ai l'air. Au moins, je radote pas.

PS : J'avais lu.

all that is two cents? I'd hate to see your dollar. :roll:

Senior, you're confusing me, and I actually started reading your post: please leave the italics to Johnny.