So where was Ranek?

The guy was player of the week, had 200 hundread yards offense against the bombers and then they ignore him on Saturday. What's that all about Joe?

There was no reason to give up on the run. He was getting at least 4 or 5 yards on almost every carry.


Toronto is somewhat week against the run, much better against the pass. I think TiCats should have exploited that more. The game was not that far out of reach for the most part. And what did we do? Short passes, down and out throwing the ball 40-50 yards and only gaining two. SHISH


Plus on a running play there's less chance a receiver will jump offside. :x

I would have been much happier if they had given the ball to Ranek on every play. They could have lost 40-2 and I still would have been happier than watching the garbage offensive display that was put on.

The Argos are beat up. They brought a guy out of retirement to shore up the defensive line. Josh Ranek is finally running with some hate in him. They should have given him the ball 20 times and threw it to him another half dozen. A MINIMUM of 25 touches was the only acceptable game plan in my mind.

I drove 8 hours for that garbage. Things better improve by Labour Day.

I found that the running game was only so-so due to Argo Walmart Greeters in our backfield waiting for an obvious handoff to Ranek.

It seemed they knew the play was coming and were greeting him in the backfield in the second half anyway.

Think they know our playbook?...

I agree Ranek shoulda coulda done more ,but it wasn't working in the second half.

Weak against the run,not so much think I.
They were stronger than Winnipeg .

they should of stayed with the extra O lineman they had at the beggining of the game .

Toronto is weak against the run. But if you telegraph the play, then the run becomes much easier to stop. It is like the Argo defence was two steps in front of the Hamilton offense. They knew what we were going to do before we had any idea what was happening. Goos job by the Argo defensive team, coaches and players.

I agree, I would have used Ranek more.

I was looking for the offence (line) to open up anything for him; dives, off tacles, pitch outs...but it never came.

Too bad...especially after his last game.

OK, that sums up the Argo greeters.

have you seen our team play?

and the run was working (until they forgot about it), just when you blatently throw a running play in just to mix it up when the pass does finally start working its doomed to fail.

thw whole team looked different on the running plays.

uh yeah... my statement was applying to football in general... ie: one would hope there would be less chance of an offside on a running play. i was trying to be somewhat humourous.

Ummm beamreach what the heck does your last post mean ???

I'm agreeing with you that the one less O lineman you say we used in the second half was the reason for the Argo Linemen/LB's (greeters) in our backfield soon after Ranek recieved the ball.

and yet, this seemed to be a problem for our boys in black and gold for quite some time.

You're not going to give a guy 20+ touches every night, but when he's coming off a career game you've got to try. 11 rushes and 1 pass completion is pathetic.