so where do we stand??..what do we need ?

Well i think this team which is still mainly intact from last year looks really sharp. I think we should have a great year.

I think were pretty solid with receivers Mann, Bruce, McDaniel and Stala. They should be the starters most likely. I also think David Ball should get some playing time this year and Drisan James and Chris Bauman will hopefully get better this year, especially Bauman. Hes been here for a few years and i expect some big plays to come out of him. If we still have that Amarri Jackson guy..he looks pretty good also.

Our offensive line looks pretty good with Gauthier and Jimenez as our offensive tackles with backup Rottier. Dyakowski, Hudson,Morencie and Carlson will be effective guards this year. We could look at another canadian offensive line player in the draft. It wouldnt hurt.

Our running back situation looks good in Cobb and Keith if he can get back to where he used to be. We will see though. Tre Smith is not a bad back up either when healthy.

Our Quarterback situation with Kevin Glenn and Quinton Porter looks good. I like that duo. They both bring different styles to the game and I think Kevin Glenn proved to us that he is the starter this year, but Quinton Porter needs playing time also to improve his experience in the CFL. I want to see Boltus get some playing time as third string quarterback. He can compete with Adam Tafralis for third spot.

We have a wicked kicker in Sandro DeAngelis but im not too sure about Jeremy Ito being our sole punter this year. We could look at bringing in another kicker. Man!! Rob Maver in the CFL draft would look really good in Tiger cat uniform...hehehe

AS FOR THE DEFENCE....well i think we look a lot stronger with having Jason Shivers and Will Poole added to the lineup in the backfield..and i can see Dylan Barker as the starter this year as safety. I think Jykine Bradley and Geoff Tisdale can have a good year also. IM not too concerned about our backfield

Same goes for our linebackers...this is our strongest area on defence. Johnson, Floyd and Knowlton are going to rip up the field this year!! I CANT WAIT!! If Barrenchea gets healthy we will have a good backup linebacker along with Mariuz and Yannick Carter. We could pick up another linebacker this off season just in case Otis Floyd or someone gets hurt...heaven forbid..

Our defensive front in Long, Adams, McIntyre and Hickman round out our defensive line. They should have a good year. Matt Kirk and Demonte Bolden were effective backups. We could look at a few more defensive tackles and ends in the off season to try out. Competition in this area is always good. We need more pressure on the opposing quarterbacks.

So in conclusion:


OFFENCE: Another punter to compete with Jeremy Ito
Offensive guard/tackle

DEFENCE: another linebacker for backup position
Defensive End
Defensive tackle

what does everyone else think?? what do you see as our weakness and where do you think we should add players for safety reasons.

I say Bring in:
2-3 WR's (1 at least with KR quality)
1 RB (KR quality)

2-3 DB's (1-2 with KR quality)
1-2 DE's
1 DT

1 N/I Punter

on o we need another slot back to compliment Bruce, a deep threat wide out, a right tackle, more depth at guard, a multipurpose fullback, a back up for Cobb.

on D a tackle, another starting half back, corner back, depth at line backer, a rush specialist end.