So where do we go from here

I am not a Bishop fan but I think you have to give him the start again next week. If not for the confusion with the play calling he may have had a better game. All though the poor decisions didn't help him.

I mean was the lose due to our recievers inexperience and inability to get open, or was the QB not making good decisions or was the OC making the bad decisions. Combination of all three. After the way MTL man handled EDM we are going to have to figure something out to take them down next week.


Well we find a running back to replace Cates. Foorde, I don't think, has what it takes although he had a good game. He just doesn't have that explosiveness through the line. Start Bishop and wait for Flick and Fantuz to return.

Yes we do need Flick and Fantuz back but what do we do in the meantime.

dont we have a new running back on our practise roster.

start Bishop and go back to the rolling out of the pocket,quick screens to receivers and Szarka (why isnt he being used)

our offense got intimidated by BC ends so our Bishop and Durant didnt try to rollout, we need to take control again

hell isnt that why we cut Crandell, he was a pocket passer. i know rolling out cuts the field in half but wouldnt that make blocking easier??

BC ends played too wide for roll outs to work.

And from what I have seen in three games, Bishop does not have the smarts to stay on as a starter. Maybe it's been nerves or something but he just seems to continuously make bad decisions that cost us.

so how do we fix the problem?
We might face BC again in the playoffs

get Durant back into starting form and hope Wake comes down with a serious flu right before we play them.

This is going to be tough for the coaches to get these guys going. While Bishop doesn't make great decisions he may give us the best chance of winning with the team we have right now. I like Durant and love his ability to manage the game. When you have great receivers as a young quarterback it makes things a lot more simple. Right now we need our quarterback to do more than manage the game, we need him to make great plays. I'm not sure who is best suited for that but it's a lot to ask of a young QB.

Keep it simple for Bishop,too many of our 1st down running plays ended up 2nd and long,roll him out and make him run, dump stuff to the speedy guys, heck If dump passes are good enough for Ricky Ray there good enough for us...give Bishop a few series, if he struggles moving the ball or plays foolish, give him the hook....

Bishop wasn't the problem in the last game and should have never been pulled. If it wasn't for Kornegay fumbling on 2 kick returns, I think it allows our offence to get into a groove and takes 6 points off the board, which is what we lost by.

I did not think Bishop was doing badly enough to be pulled. Rumours are he was mixing up plays or even calling his own. Not sure if that is true or not.

Kornegay was brutal. Two fumbles!! But I am not sure who would be better. Having Dressler back there all the time makes me really nervous as we need him healthy to play receiver.

That's something else, we have our best receiver on returns,kinda moronic really.

Lol, ya, we cut Crandell to get a running QB and now we're not letting him run!! lol.

I say go with Durant. He is our future, and Bishop was a stop gap measure. If you start either one, keep them on a short leash. Durant will make mistakes, but let him learn from these mistakes now. We basically have a #1 and #1a at QB.

Is Cates out for next week?
Was not sure about that or not.
I think it was a mistake taking Bishop out in the first place.

It was a mistake taking bishop out so early,he should have at least gotten till half time,our defence held them to 6 points on those 2 fumbles.4 of 6 105 yards,come on yes a bad interception but durant wasn;t any better.AT very least should have put bishop in on fiest and goal on 1 yd line ,he’s a big running qb.

Wouldn't be so quick to judge. We don't know what Miller knows about Bishop's performance, his need for discipline, his long-term development, etc. There are some interesting insights on other Rider forums that really do make one see it from another perspective.

If you listened to Miller's post game comments, he mentioned that Bishop was pulled because of "ill-advised play calls" (not implementing the play called) and ill-advised throws. Coach mentioned that Bishop will be coached on making the decision WHEN to throw, when to eat it, and when to throw the ball away!