So where do we go from here?

Okay, lets be over with today’s game, as hard as that is…

Which way should the team be going? (And lets try to stay “positive”!)

First, we have a QB problem, so lets make every effort to get Printers signed with our club. Lets play Chang and Williams and use Maas for relief, and at leat understand that the newbies have got to be given game experience, that we can honestly evaluate what we have there. (I kind of liked Williams!)

Second, Jesse is banged up, so if he needs to sit another week, I’d be willing to let him get fully healthy, between Davis and Cauley, I’m seeing good enough RB’s to play…

Lets get some “Guest coaches” in to help this team. I’m thinking Coach Sal for the OLine, possibly either Mike Morreale or Darren Flutie for receivers, Hitch or someone of his mighty calibre to help out the D-Backs

Lets bring in a couple decent NFL cuts (if we cannot afford Nate Davis?) for a new DE and a couple OLine types (preferably “rejected Canucks”, who at least have Cdn football experience!)

I’m sure there’s more that needs be done, but thats why I’m throwing this out to you guys, as I’m sure you have ideas and opinions as good or better than mine!