So where are we at with Dane?

I'm honestly a little confused about the situation re: camp bonus, teams contract obligations etc. What's the actual rundown on the team's and Danes responsibilities contractually?

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Danes contract details
(He is not owed any money[$170K] until Training Camp)

For the 2022 season Evans can earn $417,000 in hard money, including a $170,000 signing bonus, $223,000 base salary, $12,000 in housing with a $10,000 first time active roster payment and a $2,000 travel allowance.

He’ll take home $1,000 per game for playing 51 percent or more of the offensive snaps, $2,000 for being named an East Division all-star, $3,000 for being named a CFL all-star, $3,000 for being named the East Division Most Outstanding Player and $7,000 for being named the league MOP.

The first year could max out at $450,000 while year two has the same figures except the base salary bumps up $25,000 to $248,000 and his $170,000 comes in the form of a report and pass payment if he comes to training camp on time and passes his physical. Evans compensation in 2023 checks in at $442,000 in hard money with $460,000 possible through playtime cash plus the potential for an additional $15,000 in all-star and individual award bonuses.


Can the team cut him loose and be off the hook for his camp bonus, or can he show up and force the Cats to pay?

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If we don't trade him or release him and he shows up to camp we would owe him 170k.
I predict a trade happens with Toronto in the next 2 weeks. Toronto would be stupid to have Chad Kelly as their only "veteran" QB going into camp.


Being forced into trading him to our biggest rival for pennies on the dollar is probably not what we had hoped would happen.


You nailed it for the next critical date.
Ticats need to trade or release Dane by the 1st day of camp or they would be forced into paying the bonus.
They would not be forced to paying the bonus as it is the teams option to release him at any time.

Ticats can release him at any time up until that 1st day of camp.
And to be honest it sux for Dane but as a business decision why wouldn't the Ticats hold on to him until his roster bonus is due?

BO or Schiltz could get injured before camp.

Another CFL QB could get injured before camp opening up a trade.

Releasing Dane early gives teams the ability to sign Dane to a restructured contract and have him prepare for camp, study a new play book early as an advantage.

For these reasons I believe he is traded or remains Ticat property until camp.


Best outcome for our team (not necessarily for Dane):

  1. TOR tries to play hardball, assuming we have no other options and that they could pick up Dane for free once we release him.
  2. Some other team steps up and offers us something for Dane. Anything, really.
  3. We send Dane west, and TOR is left with the inexperienced kid and whatever other scraps they can round up.
  4. We laugh and laugh.

Now that Bethel-Thompson has made his decision, I see Toronto as, probably, the only CFL team, with which Evans may get a contract, giving him a chance to earn starter's money. I think, most likely, the Cats will give the Argos permission to talk with the player regarding re-negotiating his existing contract to something much more incentive based, with a considerably less signing bonus, replacing his current report & pass $170K clause. I'd expect Hamilton to get a late round draft pick, for granting Toronto that opportunity, with an upgrade, conditional on them completing a deal.


For those wondering :thinking:
TOR has no 1st round pick in 2023
Their 2nd rounder is last of the 2nd round at #16


I would be shocked if we got anything better than a 3rd. And given the situation that's probably pushing it.


What's to prevent Toronto from saying we're not giving Hamilton anything. They can release him and we get him for free, or the Cats can eat the bonus for a 3rd stringer they don't want?

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Nothing at all preventing that from happening.


I would hope Toronto doesn't give them anything. Let them release him.

But if the Arrrghblows wait on signing Dane until Training camp,
They could miss out on that valuable promotion time of signing 3 or 4 more 2023 season ticket packages! $$$$$$


If Toronto decides they want Dane, there's significant value for them in getting him on the roster ASAP . If they wait until the first day of training camp (May 14), he will have roughly 26 days to get familiar with the playbook, coaches, and receivers before the season opens. If they acquired him tomorrow (Feb 23), he'd have 107 days. That's a huge difference. Of course, Hamilton could drag the process out to sabotage that, but I expect the closer it gets to training camp, the less the return would be.

BTW, Hamilton can trade for present need(s) or futures, and those futures don't have to be in this year's draft. They might get more out of Toronto by accepting draft picks in 2024 and 2025 rather than 2023.


One good thing about this is
Dane is in a much better position now than he was in yesterday!
Good on him
That probably means, also the Ticats


I think this is overblown. It's the CFL. I've been reading for years how the season doesn't start until labour day, the first 4 weeks are an extended preseason anyways, heck 2 of our best players are scheduled to start the season on the 6 game and nobody seems too concerned.

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I guess it all depends how much faith they have in Chad Kelly to be their #1 guy. If Dane is going to be a #2 guy then waiting for Hamilton to release him would be OK.

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I'd be thrilled to get a 3rd round pick we gave up to CGY to get BO
We have no 2nd(Beard) or 3rd(Bo) round pick this year

Thanks Condredge. You're probably in the minority here. I hope TOR pays up.

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