So, When Does Scott Mitchell Address His Abysmal Grey Cup Record

Please excuse the elephant in the room. The only constant has been Scott Mitchell. I’m not saying the players executed for him but bottom line he’s been behind the wheel all three trips and the Ticats have come up goose all three and in very disappointing way. It’s not so much the losses. They hurt enough but it’s the obvious lack of preparation for Grey Cups. The team said they’re prepared but the videotape doesn’t and that is an uncomfortable truth for Caretaker and his family friend Scott Mitchell to have to come to terms with in the offseason.

When Mitchell dropped that pass it was the last straw.

Well it’s obvious…Caretaker needs to fire everyone…then turn the team over to the league to run correctly.

Really?? Blame Scott Mitchell??


Bad take alert.
Although Tony Washington agrees on twitter

One bad game, Crash but how many of these GC’s has Mitchell been a part of and still the same old tired result.

Angry Leaf fans used to go after owner Ballard, Sens fans, Melnyk, Yankee fans , Steinbrenner. Cowboys fan, Jones.

Here they slam on the breaks when they hit team President.

Mitchell and Team put a great regular season team on the field ,kind of like the Leafs , great during

regular season.

When the going got tough they weren’t the exactly the Bruins ,rough and tumble , but we won

individual awards .

Hopefully we get Masoli back and one bigger receiver with Tommy Joe Coffee hands ,not Nylander !!

Better shut up and wait for a brilliant 2020 season & hopefully another Eastern Final with a better

opponent to push us harder ,winning against soft teams doesn’t make you better …Next year ,

now zip it Beam a smile and kick a Can down the driveway eh…

Mitchell’s job is to put football people in place.

If you don’t want The Co GMs and head coach fired, you can’t blame Mitchell

As the season ended, we stumbled to the finish line, winning “ugly?, against some weaker teams. Unfortunately, wins hide problems. Last year we shone in the ESF, but fell apart in the EF. This year we shone in the EF, but fell apart in the GC. A small step forward.

Winnipeg played two tough opponents, on the road, which probably better prepared them for the Cup. When the crunch came, Zach played like a veteran with some experience, Dane played like the rookie he is. Losing Speedy no doubt rattled Dane, and the drop by Jones seemed to be the final straw. Looking at the big picture, the game turned out pretty much as we should have expected.

On a positive note, I was very pleasantly surprised by the officiating, and the discipline shown by both clubs. Kudos to Andre and his crew, and the staff of both teams.

Have to disagree, respectfully.

The Ticats swept Winnipeg in the regular season. I think they were 7-2 against the West.

I didn’t see this coming at all.

Coming up short in one game does mean tear the whole thing down. Aside from the odd blip (0-8 start) the long term trend has been improvement. Bob has built a strong organization. Our time will come, hopefully as soon as next year. Let’s hope this lights a fire under everyone to get it done.

Seen it mentioned on here already, the '99 team took a lot from the '98 loss.

The Cats were 8 - 2 against the west and 9 - 2 going into the Grey Cup . They were the best team in the league and they lost .

It happens . >:( You either do the job or you don’t . They played their worst game of the season in the Grey Cup .

The next season starts today . There will be player changes . There always are . We’ll have the 5th and 8th picks in the first round of the CFL Draft in 2020 .

We’ll get over it and we’ll be back to win the cup . :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy who’s been there and seen that) * with apologies to J K Simmons and Farmers Insurance

You’re gonna give Bradbury who is from Winnipeg, is a publicly confessed Cats hater, and gave bad spots to the Cats all night long even moving the ball back for Hamilton and moving the ball up for Winnipeg; you’re going to give that guy his props.

That’s very perceptive of you to discern that loyalticatfan1 was talking about Bradbury. Especially given that he did not mention the officiating in his post. And also that Bradbury was not part of the crew.

Say what? The ref was Andre Proulx. 8)

This. It’s common to lash out and some past Mitchell gaffes still bug people with long memories. I remember that there were controversies but have mercifully forgotten any details.

But no news reports or organizational leaks in at least the last 5 years regarding negatives on the man (other than the almost hiring of a certain infamous coach that was initially supported by the whole organization) suggests that you don’t start there if you are in a firing mood.

Personally, I blame the logo.

Haven’t one once with the new logo.

Am I doing this right?


I even used the old one in the game thread. Nobody noticed :wink:

I did not. BUT… I did just notice my use of the word ONE, instead of WON.