So, What's Your Solution ?

Last year, everyone was screaming Berry had to go because, according to the media, he lost the room. Never mind the fact his teams made the playoffs 3 straight years.

This year, according to the same media, the issues in the room have been fixed, but we didn't make the playoffs.

So what is worse, not making the playoffs, or having a locker room of me first players who don't listen to their coach ?

Everyone has strong opinions on the subject, but nobody is providing any solutions.

What are our options if Bauer/Kelly are fired, who are their replacements ?

Are there even any qualified candidates out there to run a football operation ?

I want some names on who you would instill in Bauer/Kelly's positions. Or whom you might add to their staff if they stay.

1- Absolute first order of business is for the Board to create a proper organigram of the company's football and business operations, they can go to Cohon who can get some info from other teams for them.

2- Review and update all job descriptions according to the above.

3- Hire an HR agency to help source and test applicants.

4- Hire a new President and a New GM both answerable to the board. One from the business side , the other from the footbal side.

5- Let both these men fill out their rosters based on sound hiring principles and in consort with the HR agency.

That's how its done.


....problem is this team is in 'flux'.....a new owner (asper) will have his own ideas and want HIS people on board for the operations of this club....Anything done now could be redundant if and when he takes over....This is one problem a lot of people are over looking...The ownerwhip could change or it may not.....We are stuck in a 'limbo world' right now....A BIG reason why crucial decisions are not being made and handled quickly...Just my opinion....I'll wait to see what direction the bog makes before commenting any furthur :expressionless:

Right now Asper owns NOTHING. It is still a NFP Community owned team that is managed by a BOD who btw are getting paid to do so.

Flux? A business is always in flux...

I'll say the same thing I wrote to the Als org a few years ago. This team deserves a General Manager and a Coach.
IF Asper ever buys the team he can change whatever he wants...

All signs point to Bauer leaving before he's fired, and Kelly being fired.

You need an Obie-like guy to come in and overhaul the respectability/chain of command of the whole organization. Names that come to my mind in that regard:

-Tillman (the Riders may jettison him due to bad PR from his upcoming trial)
-Dan Rambo (but is he happy waiting for the Ottawa GM job?)
-Dunnigan (has said he wouldn't coach again, but would he just GM?)

If Tillman becomes available, I would throw the bank at him to get him to come to the Peg. He has done a great job building the Riders into a winner.

That guy then has to decide who stays and who goes. My thoughts on those decisions:

I think that you have adequately replaced Taman with Murphy. Murphy seems to be doing a good job of signing talent (except for the Pacman and Printers fiascoes).

I also think your DC is a good hire who the players respect.

And your ST coach (don't know who it is) performed well in 2009.

All offensive coaches should be fired, however. You need to bring in some specialists with experience there. And who knows...maybe bringing in some new names will attract a big name QB to Winnipeg via a trade?

.....question....would you ?????being a gm with any credibility take a job knowing that you could be gone in 8 months....didn't think so....Asper is holding all the cards right now ( a lot of people think not ...don't under-estimate the guy)...Bauer has stated that he will be leaving as soon as the transistion is made with the Asper ownership...That tells me he will most likely be around until this 'ownership' question is settled....and Kelly will get another year....Anyone expecting anything else is presuming to a high degree..I don't have any inside info...but i have heard through a reliable source that the development (The Elms) is proceeding satisfactorily...I would expect some sort of announcement in the near future...If and when this deal is finally consummated...the door is wide open for change at Maroons rd...(Bomber headquarters)....We'll see... :wink:

I agree. Forget Asper. I don't think his scheme will fly. However I am sure that Asper being a long time fan is not happy with Status Quo. Who would be other than a few Kool aid drinkers. You seen what Asper did during the Jim Daly era. As for the locker room atmosphere. Who cares. The decorum in the locker room does not win games or Grey Cups and does not sell tickets or gain corporate sponsors. This so called locker room atmosphere is an excuse perpertrated by a failure of a coach. He needs to show something to the masses. It means nothing and has not produced wins. The Bombers should look at the Montreal and Saskatchewan structures. What make it work for them. But that is a long shot. We need to remember the old boys club is running things. They will not sacrifice their personal pride and dignity for this team. The only way they will exit is on a winning note. We may have a long wait.

/more dawg do-do :lol: ....Why forget Asper.....he's the redeeming factor in all of this...and if you are referring, by your comment...' you seen what Asper did' ....the fact Asper had the 'balls' to rip into the coaching staff at that time (daly doolittle who is also doing nothing again today)...then you got it right...Why don't you wake-up dawg....this team with it's present stadium and ownership are going...NOWHERE....But then we've been through all of that ....Hey dawg have you got an idea where you'd like to sit in the new know the one you said that govt. would never kick in a red cent for.... :lol: :lol:

So why has he not ripped into Kelly ?? He is part of the problem. The old boys club.

…well here’s a flash for ya…Asper was seen patting Kelly on the back, after one of the games mid-season…you can draw whatever you like from that… :wink:ol boys club…orrrrrrrrr the future of the club :roll:

I think people are making more in to that pat on the back then it is. I think it was Asper showing apathy for a guy who just got humiliated by their biggest rivals nothing less and nothing more than a gentleman's touch.

The Bombers have a proper organigram already. Just because you don't know what it is, doesn't mean they don't have one.

...I think what HfxTC meant to say was a proper Origami....and nice folded paper art piece that represents the bomber organization....

......I thought he was talking about a type of musical intrument... that usually has a monkey mistake... :roll:

RedAndWhite, I saw your post in the other thread. Does HfxTC have the proper paperwork filed with Chief for using intellectual words?

Bull ... Because if they had a proper organigram the President would not have pushed his GM out of the way and hired his buddy as a coach. Also when Taman left he would have been replaced instead of handing the job over to his buddy.

You know the guy who knows where the "bodies are burried" is Brendan, how did Kelly get hired on Brendan's watch ???

Exactly: here is the origami representing the HC

President and Chairman of the Board

[url=] ... monkey.jpg[/url]

Bauer is an incompetant manager we all know that. Bauer had made the decision to hire his friend back in 2008 when Berry was coach. He wanted his friend and thought he was a gem. Put on a show for the press to make it look like he was actively looking for a HC. Bauer said he would be interviewing Marshall and other candidates. All the while he was just playing a false game with the public. I think the press thought later they were duped by Bauer. I think some of the bad press started at that point at a later stage as the press realized that Bauer pulled the wool over their eyes. When Kelly was officially crowned he realized that Taman stood in his way of control. Both Bauer and Kelly pushed Taman out. This completed the conspiracy.

So far, just a lot of hot air from the usual gas bags.

Only our TiCat buddy on in two has put forth any possible replacements.

Hf has some valid structure, but that doesn’t guarantee another Trestman, you can just as easily end up with an Andrus.

Let’s try to add a few more names to the list.

Its hard to put names, there are thousands of football coach in the US alone, probably a hundred in Canada.

I'd love to see Blake Nill get a HC gig in the CFL could even be a GM, he's an amazing talent spotter.