So what's OBIE going to do next ?

  1. if he is not going to sign Armour then he must have a proven D-lineman in mind or saving money for a big time reviver ?

  2. Who then will he use to replace Armour?

  3. I am glad he is considring to use Mariuz as he deserves a shot but not at Armours expense .

4 . We need one big play reciever . I am guessing he might be gearing up for a trade to get Simon out of BC ? i Don't think free agent Dominiquez is leaving SASK but he'd be perfect . Other choice is Tony miles .

5 . I am suprised OBIE gave up on CODY for nothing ..I am sure he will et picked up .

6 i hope they keep Keith for the d-line this year ..H es showed a lot of potential .

7 I sure hope Moreno is not eyeing the NFL agaian as I can't remember a better linebacker since BEM Z. I also hope they keep Caulley around as he looks suited for the cfl games and Lumsden still seems injury prone .

next week should be interesting with free agency starting

(1) He wants to use Amercians
When we have Good Canadians that Can Start.

(2 & 3)Sorry but Ray Is a backup
Armour is True Starter and They Should Do it now.
Not Signing Him is a Huge Mistake IMO.

(4) I don't Think The Ticats will Get Simon
But may go after someone else in BC.

(5)Who knows
Obie got wake if He finds
A Wake Clone Keith will be looking to be a Backup

(6)My Guess is there were no trade takers on Cody
So he was cut.

(7) There been talking about long Term deal with Zeke

I don't think Mariuz is a back up at all. He was brought in as a starter and never got a shot under Kavis.

High time he got a shot at a starter's role, whenever he plays he always impresses me.

Hes going to have to win a starters position at camp, far from a sure thing.

Mariuz is slow, if we want to compete in this league we're going to have to do what every other team does and go with only one non import on defence.

I love JoJuan as much as anyone, but if Obie can judge talent like we all know he can, I am going to trust his decision to let JoJuan walk and fill the position with someone who is either younger, cheaper, or provides flexibility with the ratio.

It will be sad to see Mr. Armour go, but there is one thing I won't miss. His reputation around the league and the 15 yard personal foul penalties that follow.

  • paul

Ya, that's why he's the first Ticat down field on every kick to tackle the ball carrier.

Moreno is getting older, he is almost 30, he probably won't try the NFL. As for Armour, i love him as much as the next guy, but Obie knows what he is doing, and obviously sees something in Mariuz to start him. I am just wondering who will be our defensive half back. Charlton Keith should be around next year competing for a starting position. Our receivers are shaping up nicely, we still need that #1 guy, maybe Dominguez or Miles, I am still not sold on Murphy, but maybe he could be a good 3 or 4 option. With a good tackle our o-line will be alright. There are alot of Canadian tackles in the NCAA this year, maybe we will pick one up from the draft. Linebackers are still looking good with Mariuz and Moreno. The only section of our team i really have questions about is the secondary, but with the resigning of Bradley and a good safety, we will be ok.