So what you're all throwing Porter under the bus?

Reminds me of the Eakin show all over again. Face reality, our TEAM is not good enough to compete. People are delusional if they think Williams or whoever would have played better.

We’re rebuilding so they should just give Porter the rest of the starts from here out.

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Porter has a damn good arm and can run, he's young and cheap at this point. He's like a young Cavillo but bigger,faster and stronger. Had Rodriguez or Mitchell held on to the ball in the end zone on that early drive it was a different game.

8) Surely you are joking with that statement !!!! :roll:

What makes you think he'd want to start the rest of the games???

Death Wish 10?

This reminds me of a Charlie Taaffe quote from a few weeks back (maybe as a hint to his GM???). Taaffe was asked about the pass protection being afforded Casey Printers and he replied, "I told Casey he should maybe get a plan with Lloyd's Of London." Zing. Point missed by Obie.

But, we plod on with Hage, Dyakowski and Thomas.

I'm not saying they would have won. Despite the sacks, Porters was getting the ball to his receivers, the dropped balls early in the game ended up killing drives and allowing the Lions to open up the huge lead that led to the Lions all out blitz on every down once Hamilton abandonned the running game.

Thats why you need receivers that will play 100% day in and out. Make a statement and cut a few and place them on the PR. ( LOL :smiley: )
Better right the wrong or you guys will see more years of bottom play, and winless seasons.

The problem is, we have been rebuilding for 5 years. Rebuilding should not take more than 2. But we keep starting over again and again.

I don't blame any of the players for this...

The only problem I had with Porter was that he telegraphed most of his throws, and waited for the receiver to get open. But he showed some moxy and guts in the first half and that was good to see.

He has some work to do, but I would'nt throw him under the bus for his efforts.

It's our offensive line.

It sucks.

Casey, Richie, Porter... they all get sacked. They don't have the protection needed to get the ball away to a receiver.

Definately not Porters fault.

I think last night was the explanation point!! on the quarterback discussion. This team has good quarterbacks, whether its Printers, Williams or Porters. The QB isnt the problem. This team needs an O line, A pass rush, and a couple receivers. Most importantly this club needs to play as a team, forget playing as individuals and start believing they can win again.

It sure as hell would have helped :roll:

Amen to that.

Porter clearly needs to develop. He's got a lot of potential. Good arm strenght. He didn't seem ruffled even though he got absolutely murdered out there. I really think we Timmy Chang'd him though. He should have been pulled before after his interceptions. That poor kid got killed by BC. Starting a rookie QB against a team that has a player who has more sacks that our entire team may not have been the best way to welcome the kid to the CFL.

8) Yes BG, but look at it this way, Porter got more CFL experience in that 1 game last night than he would have got playing mop up duty all year !!!!

Is it just me or when Printers plays its comments like the following...

  • His mechanics are bad
  • He holds on too long, dont blame the Oline
  • He's overpaid

When Williams or Porter plays

  • Lots of potential
  • Needs time to develop
  • No time to throw

Ticat fans can be smart when they want to be.

I agree. People were still callling Printers “the overpaid bum” last night when he wasn’t even in the game.

I’m not throwing Porter under the bus. He got destroyed by a hungry BC defense who pinned their ears back because we had no running game. Yes, he had it tough. But, I hope it puts things in perspective for those that are convinced that this team’s ill fortunes are a direct result and sole responsiblity of Casey Printers. If it was, then we would’ve seen Porter lighting it up last night. Quarterback is not our problem.

I feel sorry for the kid, because he throws a nice ball at times - it remains to be seen if he is a great quarterback - but I was kinda chuckling all game too. People accused Printers of holding the ball too long and that’s why he’s scrambling every other play. No, he’s scrambling because he sees the pressure coming and gets the hell outta there! So does Williams.

I think Porter may have some talent, but you don’t just elevate him to starter out of curiosity when the pecking order was established in training camp. You get a “look at him” when it naturally fits. Richie or Casey would’ve had a tough time last night as well, but i find it hard to see either of them getting sacked 9 times and two more would be sacks if the ball wasn’t fumbled. So please, a little more respect for our #1 and #2 quarterbacks.

Man, was that ugly.