So what will our record be?

Based on what we've seen so far, and the schedule ahead, I think the absolute most we can expect is a good enough record to, in the end, just make the playoffs. Then, if there's been something, that has had this group playing like a cohesive unit, consistently for the previous three or four weeks, anything could happen.

I'll take a stab at this.

13-5. First in the East.

2011 Grey Cup Champions.

That's fairlly easy to predict. 1-17 if were lucky. A QB with no arm. An Oline that can't block. A star RB they won't use enough. The star RB who calls out a star receiver for acting sellfish on national tv. A team who has not bought in to the plan. The list is long and it dosn't look good considering other teams seem to make a quick turnaround with the proper coaching.

I'd bet you a tall boy at halftime at the last game I'd be closer.

When exactly do you predict we will get our only win? On that day, I'll buy all your tallboys at the game.

before the start of the season i said 11-7.
and that's last year's nine and nine and the two games we lost due to kickers: one for palardy, one for sandro, that i didn't think would happen again.
i happily still think it will happen.

Thoought you said it was gonna be a long year tc23.......... :?

Thought this was interesting, and in a 16 game only schedule.

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Didn't the San Diego Chargers start off 5-0 and miss the playoffs some years back? :?

In 2002 the Chargers started the season 6-1 and then proceeded to miss the playoffs

in 2007 the Detroit Lions started off 6-2 and missed the playoffs

just go to show that a hot start doesn't mean a hot finish

The Ti-cats usually never have to worry about that kind of problem. :wink:

The Ticats started 1993 off 3-0 and by seasons end had only won 3 more at 6-12. They did make it to the east final though because Toronto and Ottawa were so bad that year.

The 1992 Ticats started 0-2 and went on to go 11-7. All their wins came in 3's also. They would lose one or two then win 3 in a row. All season. One of my personal favourite years as a Ticat fan as it was also my first year as a season ticket holder. They also made it to the east final.

All the more reason not to panic. Nice fact!

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like i said in a another thread, take note of how we started the 1986 season, then skip to the end and see who won the Grey Cup

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All good points, however I think were going to lose the first 5 before this ship is put back on the tracks..


I cant predict yet, because I'm not sure how long Jones and Chamblin will be in the learning curve. If they learn to make good in-game adjustments (they are not there yet) and if Khari moves up to the spotter's box (he needs to see the field better) they can probably pull out a winning season. The next few games will tell.

At this point i'm thinking 8-10 is optimistic with us playing 4 games vs. Montreal this year.

If they're trying to put a ship on tracks, we're in more trouble than I thought! :slight_smile:

Lots of good info here. Look, I don't know how to say this but is there any way we can blitz AC big time and put the proverbial hurt on him and take him out as a result, for good for the season? Not to try and injure per se but as a result? :wink: Boyd with the Argos is out for a while and that's going to hurt the Boatmen and Buck might not last long, so let's not give up here by any stretch.


VERY optimisic!