So what will our record be?

Ok after some of the worst offence I have seen in many years from my beloved cats what do you think our record will be if our offence does not pick up?

I am thinking another 9 and 9 season


13-8 :rockin:

When times are bad old usernames come out of nowhere and are dusted off. But 5 years between posts ? Gotta be a new record.

Those old grumpy fans don't have time for that new fangled internet mumbo jumbo galdangit! Somebody stop those damn skateboarders!@#

In the other prediction thread a while ago I said 10-8

(only because I bought into the "better is better" speech/theory at the time it was rolled out as the new catch phrase)

Still waiting to see evidence of it but I'm giving the benefit of the doubt. I'll stick with 10-8 for now. 8)

Right now it feels like 0-500 but we don't play that many games. :smiley:

tc23 I wish I could still muster some of your optimism I'm going to go with 11-7 no particular reason just because.

My math skills tell me we're on pace for 0-18. If we win on Saturday i'll change that to 6-12. :cowboy:


I hope I'm wrong but I doubt it. Giving the 'Cats 6 wins might even be a stretch.

We can still turn this around. It's only been 2 games. I really do think we have most of the players we need, but it's just awful to watch what's happening right now.

7 - 11

Bruce is on track for a 432 yard season... It's got to get better :lol:

I am think 7 and 11 or Worse.. Eather way to Playoffs this year


I don't believe this is our actual team we have watched the last 2 weeks, I just can't see them playing like this for much longer, but I'll give 2 records

if we keep playing like how we did in week 1 and 2, we will probally be 5-13 or 6-12

if we play like how everyone thinks we can play, i can see us going 10-8 or 9-9

Another 9 and 9 is season is a Failure

500 Football means your 500 Team we fired Greg Marshall too soon
We have not fired Marcel soon enought
He should gone after last season 500 and 1 and out playoffs

i wouldn't say its a "failure" but more so a MAJOR disappointment, 9-9 should get us into the dance, and once your there, anything can happen

I say 9-9 or less is a Failure

You are happy with 500 Football

Not me I expect Better from a Team Calling it Self a Pro Football Team

if this Team gose 9 and 9 or anything less Football Ops needs an Major OverHall at the Top

Obie and Marcell need to be looked at as builders of 500 Football Team
it the best they can do so it time for a Change at the top

Why don't we all just pretend it's a 16 game season and this is week one. Sask is the home/season opener.

The first 2 weeks of this season are proof as to why the CFL needs a longer camp and 3rd ex. game. The Ticats, Riders and Lions all came out of the gate really sloppy. Even many of the teams that win still look sketchy in the first couple weeks. Certainly not Edmonton though.. they look tip top.

Agreed but then have talk to CFLPA and they'll never agree to a longer camp
without giving up something else.

So, by your thinking, if we finish at 9-9, then win the GC, you would still consider it a failure?

Mind boggling...

Aren’t you a Detroit Lions fan? You can’t expect much from your teams if you are.