So what now?

They sacked the coach, now the QB you screamed for is in…

So what now?

Who is next to blame?

Leif Petterson.

:D :D :D

Seriously, it is awful listening to Black and Petterson tonight. It's like listening to Wendy's ad whistlers by a graveyard.

Oski Wee Wee,


Perhaps Katz.

This is uglier than the boys from TSN are even thinking.

This is coaching stuff that is not being followed. Is it because the players don't believe in the coaches, or the players don't believe in themselves. If I were The Little General, I'd take Paopao aside and tell him he's fired if the 'Cats do not win.

Lets balme the punter!! He must be all the problem??? lol :frowning: this is getting UGLY fast

Maybe the guy last week was right...its the black pants :wink:.

It's the new uniforms...go retro

WHAT NEXT PRAY!!! :lol: :lol: :cry:

I think next we let volunteers come out and coach. Seriously. how bad could it be? i bet we'd get some interesting characters/plays. I have this one that results in one of those new fangled TOUCHDOWNS

Have the Offence play Defence, and vice-versa...

Sig, the Defence WAS playing Offensively. :wink:

Everyone was playing offensively. Doesn't mean they managed to move the ball though..

put goss in on offence since he's already leading the team in TDs