So What Now?

Down 38-13 with Champion in. We can't win like this. We don't deserve to play in the playoffs now :cry: . This is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. If it gets to 45-13 its over.

GO HAMILTON GO. dammit bc... Printers was our only hope of winning this game.

Who really cares about a crossover? Why prolong the misery? No quarterback now and the defence folds like a cheap tent. What a nightmare! :thdn:

No QB, I think you are right. It would be nice to at least make the playoffs. But not making the playoffs might be good for next year....time to shake some things up!

we're right where we want to be. resting our troopsa and ready to blow through the weak sister eastern division to Glory. Its in the bag boys. Our plan is working to perfection!

You gotta be kidding me! C'mon man! :wink:

We are done! Ka-put! The fat lady won't be singing this time guys. This was the last thing I expected to see. A win, hopefully. A close game and a loss? Possibly. But this???

Sure, the Lions have a "chance" to still make the playoffs IF Hamilton beats or even ties Winnipeg but so what? There are 5 QBs on the roster. 4 are injured and Champion cannot be expected to do anymore than he tried to do under the circumstances.

The QB department is on life support and guys like Mullens, Mallet and a couple of others cannot do it alone. The combination of Whitlock, Ray and Stamps crushed us. I'm not sure B.C. would have won even with a healthy Printers.

I think Pierce's career is done. He is a great QB but you have to take the hits and he can no longer. His heart is in it but the body isn't.

Whitlock ran over B.C. just like Cobb of Hamilton and Reid of Winnipeg did. 45 to 13? Disgraceful. Sorry but that is just how I felt after seeing yet one more lopsided loss. The game was reminiscent of the beating B.C. took from Calgary when fans were leaving before even the 3rd quarter was finished.

Not sure what the prognosis is for Printers. If he is completely healthy for the semi-finals then maybe we will be able to do more than just show up for the game against Hamilton. But rest assured, Hamilton has already beaten the Lions twice in the regular season and they are a much improved tea and they are much healthier than B.C. If Printers walks on the field as B.C.'s starting QB [should the Lions even make the playoffs] you can be certain Hamilton players will be throwing everything at him short of being ejected from the game. Why? Because I do not believe Pierce will be up to the challenge. And look what happened when Champion had to go in. A bugler played The Last Post at half time marking the upcoming Remembrance Day and in honor of our fallen troops. Me thinks it should have been played one more time at the end of the game.

Thank you for the season Lions. You did your best.

wow wow, don't doubt the lions, in 2001 they were 8 and 10, and won the grey cup, who knows, printers may be ready to play, or JJ. I would way rather play the eastern teams anyway this year then the western, we have more troubles beating the eastern team, we have proven we can beat Montreal, Winnipeg, but now we have to prove we can beat Hamilton, we still got a shot if Hamilton wins.

Yes...we still have a shot GeroySimonFan but we are only shooting blanks! They don't know whether Printers has a jammed thumb or a broken thumb. I can't see Pierce going back in. I've no idea what Jackson's or Lulay's status is. And we know Champion cannot get the job done.

I'd offer my services but I'm too busy posting here on the forum. :lol:

hahaha, but, I think Printers could be able to play probably if Hamilton won.

Printers will be there and its game over for Hamilton - its back to the dog house for Glen or their other doright qb.