So what needs to be changed and who do we keep

  1. One thing ( The only thing) Marcel has done right is that he has brought in excellent young Canadian talent . It is very important that we keep the young Canadian studs on the o-line and d-line as they are very highly rated and most will be very good in time ( Oline = Dyakowski , Marceaux ) and D-line ( Bekasiuk , Reid , Mckay ( he's already good )

  2. We need to bring in a few decent import recivers -
    Hopefully at least one with CFL experience . We have nopt had more than 1 or 2 decent recievers in any game this year . Right now one can argue Armstead belongs and Ralf is ok as a canadian starter . Baumann needs to learn first as a backup like Dipietro and others have in the past . As for Walker and Curry well they have shown promise. I Hope Printers can convince Geroy Simon to come to town as that would be the type of guy we need right now . We need a go to type reciever .

  3. We need to use a canadian at fullback as Dickerson is just not that much better than radlein . Therfreo we can free up another import spot and use an extra amaerican at reciver like a SIMON .

  4. I dont agree with having an import at kicker but setta has been incredible and 100 times better than boreham so i would not complain too much as we do have Lumsden to make up for the ratio .

  5. We should not be using Cody at safety . Roberts too doe not belong . I think CODY is the onkly one guaranteed a job . Anderson has shown signs and Tilley looks ok . They really messed this up this year . I still think karikari and beverage should handle safety

  6. 2 thirds of the linebackers have been awesome ..Moreno is the best linebacker to come to town since Ben Zambiasi and Armour has been great as well . Loftonm looks ok at the other spot but i would use MARIUZ .

7 . The o-line I thinkis fine especially if Hudson is healthty and the yougsters are just going to get better.

8 D-line ..well mckay was worth what they paid and a great canadain DE...Keith look slike a great compliment . The rest of the d-line is a mess although one can argue we should let Bekasiuk and Reid handle one DT spot and learn on the job as they both have potential . What we need is a good american Defensive tackle like George Scott used to be .

9 RB --cauley sure makes this intersting ..i would go with cauley and lumsden and see how that goes . I am convinced Lumsden will take one more crack at the NFL so lets keep Cauley around .

10 QB--well lets let Printers grow int it .

  1. I am nto convinced Desajrdins or Taffe have a clue what they are doing in the CFL . WHY
    A. They have brought in countless recievers and shipped them all out
    B . they stayed with Maas way too long
    c. They have no idea how to use the american / canadian ratio --instead of loading up with imports at reciever and D-LINE like all CFL teams they use an american at fullback and kicker and chose to have 2 of their 4 recievers canadain and at times 3 of the 4 dlineman canadain . I can; t even remember the lst team that had an amercian playing fullback or kicker or even having mostly candian recivers and d-lineman . It seems simple to me .

For next year we need at least one bonafide reciever with cfl experience and then we can bring in other candidates to compliment that . We also need a good db or 2 with cfl experience and one good american dlineman . That's it !! oh and of course use radlein at fullback .

Keep Williams

I'll respond using numbers that correspond to your points.

  1. Totally agree, we have an abundance of young canadian talent.

  2. Thsi touchy. It's tough to say about our receivers because they did have to play with 4 differnt starting QB's. If we can get a bonafide experienced WR/Sb I'm all for it though.

  3. That I disagree. Dickerson brings much more tho the table as a TE/FB. He is much better in the receiving dept. and having Jesse and Caulley means we haven't need to run our FB's as much.

  4. Setta is one of the best finds of this organization.

  5. i agree with Roberts being out of place. He has been burned the most. As for Anderson It's tough to judge because a lot of the problems could be from scheming/play calling. too many players tried for them all to be bad. As for Cody, at safety or DB or HB I'm okay with anyone of the 3. Just start him at one spot come training camp and leave him there.

  6. Our LB's are the strongest unit on the team. With Moreno and Armour we are set. But Don't forget Glasper. He showed a lot of promise before getting hurt.

  7. The oline needs experience lots of it. they are definietly still learning.

  8. DE we are seemingly set at. We do need a DT who can get a great push up the middle to open up lanes for Moreno and the LB's.

  9. I really like Caulley, and think he should get most carries with jesse being used in more advantageous spots to drop his carries some and take out some of the injury risk. While he is a big back, I'm not sure if he's a work horse. too many injuryies in his career already.

  10. We're set with Printers at QB. the offence really seemed to be coming together before he got hurt.

11.A. They have brought in numerous receivers but it's been tough with all the QB's. Maas was never 100% so there is no way we had the entire playbook available with him. Chang is still learning. I think that was a bad decision and one made to try to apease the masses and try to win NOW. They can't win in either scenario with a lot of the fans on here.
B. i agree on that 100%
C. How a team uses the ratio doesn't concern me one bit. If the team is winning there would be ways to defend it. It's easy to criticize their ratio use because we are losing.

Hey Scotty Dog . Thanks for the reply and you certainly know yor stuff . I still don't think Dickerson is good enough or that much better than Radlein to force us to use an additionla cnadian elsewhere like reciever . i agree with the rest of what you said .

Keep an eye out for my posts after games as i am intersted to see what you have to say .

Once this offence gets going you will really notice the differencce in Dickerson and Radlein. I love Jules but I must admit I really think Dickerson has much more upside than Jules. It does hurt the import ratio but as we both know we are very solid in the ratio game.

Hate to burst THAT bubble, but from what I've been reading.. Simon is signed through "09", ONLY way to get him is through a trade!

The most productive step the Ticat organization could take right now is to fly in Director of Football Operations Dan Rambo from his Ottawa home for the next two to three weeks to assess the entire football organization.

Rambo should interview Marcel Desjardins, Charlie Taaffe, the scouting staff, the entire coaching staff and as many players as possible to get their reflections on why this team failed and what needs to be done about it. He should also observe some practices and at least two of the games.

Rambo could then return to his Ottawa home with the collected information and submit a report to Bob Young and Scott Mitchell by the Tuesday following the Grey Cup game and the Ticat organization should act on the recommendations in the report quite quickly.

We have some great players on defence to build around. we need some shutdown DB's and we will have one of the top 3 defences in the league.

We need a go-to reciever (does anybody have a list of some free agent receivers at the end of the season)

Maybe get an offensive lineman (to replace woodard, he just gets to many penalties)

And dont forget, we will have the 1st and 9th picks in the draft

Very good point about using Canadians. My #1 priority would be a Canadian kicker.Better D line nextsome pressure sure would help the secondary. I really believe your not far player personal. The coaching is another matter they should have kept Marshall as one of the coaches somewhere I think Canadian coaching is something to upgrade in some spots as well.

Setta is great but someone asked on the fifth quarter and they werent sure, will he leave after this year to try the nfl or will he wait until next year? if its one and an option he is gone, anyone know?

Thats the post of the year right there.

But what about the warm fuzzy feeling everyone has for this losing management and coaching team?