So, What is this "Major Announcement" on Friday?

About the Argo ownership??? Some new Stadium Plans??? Reversal of the new rule changes??? Whatever it is, I hope it is something more exciting than a new Corporate Sponsor.

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My guess. A new stadium for Calgary.

they are going to build a new argo only stadium where rogers head office is.

Doesn't sound like it's anything Argos related based on the location.

WHERE: Arabian Room B, BMO Centre - Calgary, Alberta
But the BMO part got the heart racing for a second. :wink:

If the Flames are planning to unveil their plans. Perhaps that's it....we shall see

I don’t think you have a press conference in Calgary to advise that the BMO deal is done. I think a new Calgary stadium deal is what this announcement will be about. The Flames and Stamps are using their playoff money to renew their infrastructure.

Sounds interesting and yes, I'm sure it's about stadium plans in Calgary as you guys say.

I doubt it. The Stamps new stadium will be announced at the same time as the Flames arena - which won't happen until the Flames are out of the playoffs. At very least, it would be a joint press conference - not just the Stamps.

That is a good one.
Except they would have to deal with the curse of old man Rogers.

I hope it isn't, but could be Calgary is hosting the Grey Cup after Winnipeg.

New home for football Hall of Fame ??

One could only hope.. The HOF in Hamilton is a pathetic disgrace.

I'd imagine if they were moving the HoF to Calgary they would host it at Canada Olympic Park (the location of the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame). So, if the HoF was going to COP why wouldn't the press conference be held there? Having said that, Stampede Park would be a good location for the HoF as well... so, maybe??

If it was a Grey Cup announcement I don't know why they would rent BMO Centre for that... wouldn't they just announce it from McMahon?

This will be interesting...

I think it will be the announcement that "Quick Six" has decided to retire and his replacement will be introduced.

Now THAT is a major announcement! :wink:

since he is almost 45, I guess it is time to retire :wink:

I just hope it's not something lame, like "The Stampeders got their Grey Cup rings" or "BMO just became a league sponsor" although I'm sure that would REALLY piss off TFC.

...not lame at all :twisted:

word is its about a major corporate sponsor.
Sure not what everyone was hoping for but not a bad thing being part another top ownership S&E comes with its perks and a few more million

Hope it is not something embarrassing like renaming the Grey Cup to include the sponsor's name such as "The Shell Canada Grey Cup." Think of the possibilities such as in this forum. For instance, everytime time somebody uses the word "Grey Cup" in a post, the sponsor's name could be inserted in automatically.

bob young just sold the ticats to braley

Why would they announce that in Calgary? It must be that Braley has bought the Stamps. :lol: