So what is the plan for 2013? Where will they play?

Surely they must have some idea by now. Could they share this with us, the paying public?

From The Scratching Post:

However, it will be fall 2012 before any construction begins on the stadium. To accommodate the Ticats’ game schedule, the entire project — from demolition to construction — will take place within one CFL season.

I think it will be at Ron Joyce Stadium.
It is the only CFL Stadium in town with a television ready press box,professional standard locker rooms, and on site medical facilities.
The only problem is its small capacity for seating.

If it is RJS then you have to think it will involve additional seating which would be a significant undertaking. I've heard that the access road that runs down the west side line could be re-routed in such a way to make way for new temporary stands on that side. End-zone stands could possibly be squeezed in as well. Even with all that though could they get enough seats in to make it somewhat financially viable to the TCs? There might be some fan accessibility issues as well as there is limited on-site parking and the stadium is in the "middle" of the campus.

All in all, not impossible but definitely its breaking a lot of eggs in order to make an omellette but then again, what are the alternatives?

Based on the latest TiCats commercial it looks like they might play 2013 in Obie's neigbour's backyard.

When 2013 season comes and we're crammed into RJS with a 50% ticket price increase, porta potties, or driving to Skydome, remember the West Harbour Gangsters who caused this situation.

There is Parking on other side of Campus but you’ll need to take a Shuttle bus to Campus.
I let see them move B.C. Temp Stadium somewhere in West Hamilton or Stoney Creek
Or Maybe Aldershot.

The cost of building the temp. stadium in B.C. was $14.4M without having to purchase the land or supply sewers,water or electricity to the site as Empire Stadium used to be there. It was funded by the B.C. Government

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The Caretaker cannot put that kind of coin into a temp. facility.
RJS would be a simple lease agreement.
Make no mistake about it, This is going to cost the Caretaker a bundle!

Make no mistake about it, This is going to cost the Caretaker a bundle!

And Fred and his Gangsters will be laughing I'm sure since it wasn't about what's best for the city, it was about screwing BY, soemone they are jealous of and don't like much I'm thinking.

Captain, I don't include you in the Gangsters, not all WH supporters were as such.

But I wanna be a gangster!

How about a pirate then? Can I be a pirate?

I have no issue calling you a gangster

Ivor Wynne renovations to begin fall 2012
By Kevin Werner
Jun 02, 2011

Hamilton councillors were shocked to discover the renovation plans to get Ivor Wynne Stadium ready for the 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games will only take a year, rather than two, potentially adding more costs to an already complex redevelopment project.

“There seems to be a lot of work to demolish and build in one season,? said Ancaster councillor Lloyd Ferguson. “We may have to pay a premium for that.?

~more ~

Just bite the bullet and play out of the Rogers Centre for a year. Cheapest option for the caretaker, they might want to consider a city/Ticat HSR fleet of busses to and from TO. If we play the Argos 5 times in 2013 then 3 could be considered Ticat home games, then maybe 1 game in Halifax and maybe London. Then its a matter of scheduling 4 more Home Games out of the Roger Centre.
If the Jets and Giants can schedule home games at the same stadium, I'm sure the Ticats and Argos can do it.

If the demo work starts in Nov 2012 and construction is finished by June 2014 that is one and a half years (18 months), not one year (12 months).

This would create a simple lease arangement for the Ti-Cats also.
Would the Cats be able to sell season tickets for Rogers Center?
Wouldn't it be cool if the Cats sold more season tickets at Rogers Center than the Arblows!! :lol:

Tough question. I can't see everyone making the trip to Toronto for a STH package. I wouldn't attend a single game in the dump. If it was in London I'd be more willing to buy a ticket

Mixed thoughts, pluses and minuses with different venues and locations. Not agains't using tbe RC though depending. Maybe use 2 or 3 venues, mix it up? :?

A Peace of the Action the best of all 1st Series Shows
Getting back on topic
I don't many Season ticket holders want to go to Toronto ..
I'd be one of them..

Yes, let's give Bob a break here. He's lost millions on this team and yet we have fans that say "I wouldn't go to Toronto to a game" the fans want him to spend Millions on setting up a temporary stadium so they don't have to make the 45 minute trip to Rogers. How selfish is that??? Come on guys!!! Onknight and the other "Selfish" so called "Fans" won't go and suport their team but I'm sure the "Real" fans will step up and support our team even if it means going to Toronto for a season.
Wasn't it John F Kennedy that said that famous line "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country" so let's do something for the Team and Bob.
I'm sure the city could set something up with the HSR that we could pay an extra $5 or so on a ticket, that would allow us to go by bus to and from Rogers Centre for a game.
Wouldn't it be great to out draw the A team for our home games at the Rogers Centre. Let's start thinking common sense and dollars and cents here, it's only for one season.

I'll gladly pay $15 a game to not go (savings on Go transit or parking). Its not about hurting Bob its about the RC being a bad venue for football and me refusing to go there under any circumstance. Even if the game is blacked out my $15 is better spent to enjoy the game at home on the radio than be miserable in that dump.

The sightlines at the RC are not very good for football, agree, but it is not a dump, far from it, it's just not a stadium set up all that well for football and only somewhat better for baseball. But in terms of cleanliness and washroom facilities and nice seats to sit in and that and surrounding area, it's quite nice actually.

But even a stadium like Ron Joyce with bench seating is better than the RC for sightlines and closeness to the action, no question. The best music venues are often very small and hold under 200 people IMHO.

Don't care about how clean it is. Its a dump