So what has to happen for the League to drop the Ratio

The CFL is trying to attract new fans especially millinials. If the CFL went 90%+ Cdn, you would lose fans in droves, it would be like watching CIS football, crowds of a couple of thousand people.
There area some good Canadian players but teams still can’t find enough quality Canadians to fill the rosters.
We haven’t had a CIS player win the CFL MOP in almost 60 years.
The top Canadian football players are being scouted in high school and the cream of the crop get NCAA scholarships, not a lot but it’s happening. The CIS is left with the players that couldn’t get NCAA scholarships.

You only have to look at the other pro-sports teams in Canada, Jays, Raptors, TFC, sports fans couldn’t care less if there teams have any Canadians.
It’s not the Olympics, is professional team sports and fans want to see their teams win and be entertained.

Exactly. The CFL used to have a higher ratio of Canadians and nobody followed the league back then. Why revert to those dark days?

Not to mention we’d have to get used to 0-18 seasons since teams with more Canadians wouldn’t be able to win.

I like that idea. Keeps Canadian content, but provides a true competition for positions (even amoung nationals). Right now, there’s far too many mediocre players who occupy a roster spot just because they’re Canadian. So if a club has a few injuries at key positions occupied by a National, his backup is a considerable step down in talent which fans must endure just because of his passport.

I would also add a rule stating that you could only count a maximum of 3 O-Lineman as nationals. That’s less of an incentive for teams to stack all their nationals on the O-line. As many have stated, the QB’s in this league are its lifeblood and are seeing guys that were allstars from the SEC, Big Ten, etc going up against a guy from the CIS (now U Sports) is a recipe for disaster (and has been if you look at the number of injuries in the QB ranks over the last few years).

I can’t say that I noticed any drop off in quality of players since the RBs joined the league, but I would throw this idea out for reducing the effects any shortage in quality national players:

for every reduction in number of national starters, increase the number of national roster spots by two. That way, there’d be fewer starting nationals, but then should one of those get injured there would be a higher number of professionally trained replacements available. Having a greater number of pro-trained nationals would also make any future expansion draft a little easier to manage for the 9 existing teams.

What a ridiculous comment. When the league allowed no more than fifteen imports per team, attendance was higher than now (31,000 per game league-wide in the early 1980s, mid 40,000s in Toronto) and the CFL was close to the NHL in popularity.

The push to increase imports has never been about increasing the quality of the game. It’s about decreasing player costs, due to the enormous numbers of American players available.
Returning over a period of a few years to ~sixteen imports per team (which was the league’s stated objective after the American expansion failure) is easily doable and would likely increase interest.

Bad idea.

As long as the majority of GM’s and Coaches are Yanks, giving them the opportunity to eliminate Canadian players will lead to an all American roster for virtually every team in the CFL within a few years.

American Coaches believe in their heart of hearts that Canucks are inferior football players and if not for the current set up they’d flush 'em all.

Oh, well if that’s the case, then it makes more sense to increase rather than decrease the ratio of national players I guess. :oops:

Don’t support more Internationals, and would support any expansion of game-day rosters being more Nationals, but 90%+ Canadian equates to overage CIS football, but without the “school spirit” hook that draws crowds in the hundreds.

You know what WOULD make sense if nothing changed? Enabling coaches to fill the starting positions of Canadians with Imports during the game if one was injured. But would require 7 starting Canadians in the following game. Instead of jumbling up a roster to get a potential massive liability on the field.

But I stand by my prior assessment that has been quoted previously. The ratio should be dropped from 7 to 6 and the amount of required Canadians on the roster needs to drop by 1 or 2.

I don't give a damn who's Canadian but do like we have to play some, just not as many as are needed right now. I also think there is still potential for more than 5 or 6 Canadians to be starters if the ratio was dropped anyways on specific but not all teams.

Some people have pointed out that more imports would save the teams money. That's a good thing!

Canada would have to cease to exist as a nation for the ratio to drop below the current seven National starters.

One problem is teams are stacking 10,11 or 12 imports on defence, which often stifles the offences, especially with 5 or 6 Canadians starting on offence.

This problem could be solved by simply requiring that a minimum of 3 Nationals need to be on the field at all times...on offence, defence and special teams. This way, CFL teams would need to scout and draft defensive Canadian university players too, not just mainly OL'men.

Canadian QB's should also qualify as Nationals on the roster. This could be implemented by eliminating the 3 QB positions making them available to both National and International players.

Currently teams must have a minimum of 21 Nationals on the roster, with 16 Internationals, plus 4 Designated Internationals (who can only enter the game to replace another Int.) and 3 QB's. So the amended roster would look like this:

17 Internationals (1 added for starting QB)
6 Designated Internationals: (2 added for backup QB's)
21 Nationals

44 Total (Note: 3 players are designated as QB's and cannot play any other position)

The beauty of this configuration is teams can dress a National as backup QB, which frees up 1 Designated International spot for another position on the field. Teams that start a Canadian QB would free up 1 International starting spot in another position.

This way teams aren't forced to dress Canadian QB's, but it would be advantageous for them to do so, giving them more imports available in other positions...simply by qualifying Canadian QB's as Nationals.

Does it need too?

I'm in favour of keeping the ratio. They can be played anywhere, so complaining about the Oline is pointless.

The trouble is, due to the giant conveyor belt of players down south, it's easier to scout for them than it is here, even if there are the same number of skilled players (proportionately).

What I'd like to see happen is far more radical. Canadian football is too similar to American football, making it easy to use cheap imports. One day, nobody will be able to ignore the concussion issue any longer.
I'd like to to see the Canadian game make a shift back towards its rugby roots. Implement it over a period of say 10 years, bit by bit, across high schools, college, junior, and pro. I'm not sure what exactly would change. But we would have a safer, unique game. And as a game only played here, then we would see Canadian coaches rise to the top of the game as they determine the best strategies and tactics, and Canadian players would be the best at it instead of Americans due to it being unique.

Pipe dream, I know...

"So what has to happen to the league to drop the ratio" is already happening by not being able to sign the top Canadians. Teams may not even select these guys during the draft because they may want to give the NFL a try. Happens with Imports and is now happening with homegrown. Good for the young guys but the league needs to move forward and replace this skill set.

I say let the league evolve and that will mean a slow process of change in the ratio rules. They can start with the same mix of Import/Non Imports on a team but let the coach decide who he wants to play with the 44 players. If this was the only change I would be satisfied

Usually about 25-35% of the players drafted every year are from NCAA teams, so the Canadian content is far from all being CIS like many are making it out to be.