So what has to happen for the League to drop the Ratio

So what has to happen to give everyone a comfort zone in dropping the ratio and why do we want to keep it.

I think we are there already to remove it. U sports have their own Pro days, U sports players sign NFL contracts, International players become Canadians after their 4th year, DNA tests on players to see if they have any blood lines in Canada to qualify as Canadian.

For me I don't think they need protection any longer. The draft and combines show we have excellent players, far more than any time in history. I would like to hear from any players past and present on what they think. What's more important is that they have the skill and training to stand on their own.

At a minimum the coaches should be able to play who they want on the field.

Here is an older article but still relevant.

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No comment from this CFL fan on this topic, it's a biggie for sure, other than to say I believe that as long as the CFL continues to exist, some form of the ratio will exist. This is one aspect of why it could be more difficult to be a commissioner of the CFL than of the big 4 major North American leagues. They don't have to deal with this type of issue at all and that in itself makes their job easier although they are under a lot more media scrutiny than a CFL commissioner is, at least in the US.

They could REDUCE the ratio - I'm sure the coaches would love it and it would give them more flexibility.
The glaring weakness in most teams the Offensive line. When it comes to the Canadian draft the priority is always trying to stock up on "O" linemen. Teams try to start as many internationals on offence so they try to get the Canadians on the "O" line. Some of these guys shouldn't be out there trying to protect the high priced QBs.
Reduce the Canadian ratio by 2, that still keeps a ratio of around 10 starters.

Start dropping it more and I will simply flip over to the NFL more consistently

Did anyone notice the drop off in production and quality play in the season the Redblacks came into the league? Along with the stupid PI penalties, it wasn't a good season in my opinion. When we added the Redblacks, we added the need for 21 more Canadian players and 7 more starters.

I didn't actually know we had to have a set amount on the roster, I thought we needed just 7 starters. 21 Canadians per team is ridiculous. I think we should drop that number to 17-18 Canadians required and drop the Canadian starters to 5 or 6.

IF we every get a 10th team, there is no doubt in my mind the ratio will need to be changed from the required starters to be 5 max and maybe 4. To the required Canadians per team to 16 max and maybe as low as 15.

This would counterbalance the lack of talent at some positions, especially O-Line, protect our QB's, still employ more Canadians b/c of the extra team and increase the talent on the field. A long-shot possibility would be this would decrease the stupid penalties we see as well and maybe the league will take away stupid hits on the QB and dumb PI calls.
It would be a WIN WIN WIN.

You don't like three down football, motion, the bigger field, no fair catch?
The only reason you watch is for the Canadians....................... :?

Every off season a dumbass wants to take jobs away from Canadian kids...

Dropping or changing it doesn't mean there will be any less Canadians playing. I believe they are good enough to compete right now.

At a minimum I would like see the ratio being kept for the team but no ratio for on the field, Let the situation dictate who is on the field. If there is an injury let the coaches decide who should play, now they need super computers to quickly decide how best to cover an injury and how best to maintain the ratio. Doesn't need to be this way these days

Dropping the need for Canadians to start would hamper junior development. there would be 19 imports starting, and you would be foolish not to do that purely from an SMS perspective, and that sucks the motivation out of younger players before they even get to the league. The amateur levels have come a long ways in the past number of years, and this would be a huge blow. It is bad for amateur levels, so I hate the idea and would not support it at all, because that in time means that the Canadians making it to the game will likely regress.

You say the Canadians are good enough to compete now, so what exactly does this accomplish other than lowering the takehome for some of the nationals?

See above post. And I was not born in Canada, so no. I simply won't support something that has a high probability of regressing amateur levels

The article really is a condemnation due to old thinking not an accurate condemnation of the ratio.

It opines that because O-line are Canadian dominant, QB are getting killed. It's conclusion is that the ratio is to blame.

That's BS. The O-line does not have to be Canadian dominant.

The NFL is taking many good Canadian Oline draftees. So that position is compromised. So what?

It's pretty simple. Cfl can change their thinking ( and they are...this is a two year old article). Change where you want your ratio to come into play. If you need Import Lineman use them. The CFL has long decreed Canadians cannot compete in skill positions. Teams are waking up to " Oh we can play Imports on the O-line."

The three best RB in the league arguably have been Canadian in the past 3-4 years. Cornish, Messam and Harris. There are plenty of good Canadian receivers languishing on benches.

Canadian DBs get slotted into safeties. or back-ups. Thats nonsense.

The ratio is fine. Adjusted thinking is needed.

Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking.

Football and Hockey are 2 sports that I think Canadians can compete in. Are you are saying they can't compete and the league will be overtaken by Imports?

Imports are cheaper in the CFL. Of course it is true. If you have 2 players of roughly the same skillset the Canadian is going to cost more. Reduce the number of Canadians that have to take 1st team reps and you save way around it. That means you can spread it to import players more. Case in point...the US expansion era the Stallions...they won 12 and then 15 games...they could pay anyone to play. IMO year 2 was split to north and south for a reason...people recognized that in the long run that the Canadian teams could not compete with teams who had no import rules to follow.

I would be afraid Canadians would be obsolete in the CANADIAN FL.

It is not that Canadians are less talented.

It is all about numbers more than talent or skill.

Think of it this way:

How many JR Canadian teams and CIS Football teams do we have ?

A: 51 (27 in CIS 24 in Junior)

How many University and College teams are there in the US ?

A: not sure , but it is well in to the hundreds.

Canadians would not have a chance to compete. The Canadian JR and CIS kid would think, " what is the point in playing if I can not make it to the pros anyway" ?

Please do not touch the ratio.


Stupid idea.

As far as I'm concerned, annexation would have to happen to get the ratio dropped. I want a Canadian league, that pays Canadians money and keeps it in Canada.

Ratio should be increased to have more Canadians and less imports. Say 55% Canadian and 45% imports. Also meaning Canadians that were born and lived here all their lives or have gotten citizenship and lived here all their lives. Not fake Canadians looking for citizenship for the purpose of getting into the league.

I say make the CFL 90%+ Canadian, and only allow American QB's. CIS football talent is getting better every year, but the QB's still have a long way to go.

Force the teams to make their 3rd string QB a Canadian and don't count in the ratio. Even if the kid doesn't get playing time, the practice reps will help.