So what happens

if who ever plays QB this week has the game of his life with a 120 rating??? Zero ints, 77% completion, 400+ yrds, etc

Who plays the next week. And if same Qb next week also plays at 100+ rating for a good win, then who plays the next week after that???

While we're planning for contingencies, what will we do if aliens send a spacecraft to Skydome and abduct our entire team?

What's that you say - my scenario is too unlikely to even worry about?

haha that's rich I love that ExPat!

The point is, is it possible for another QB to play himself into continuing as starter, or is printers the starter asap no matter what.

Printers will be the starter in a game or two. The young prospects are just that, for the forseeable future.

Yes, he is the starter now. Thats why he's making 500,000 a year. :stuck_out_tongue:

He is the starter no matter what. To much money invested in this guy.

printers is the starter, the leader, the captain, the franchise pick.

I think Footbalyoubet is just jealous!!!! LOL.... Seen some of your other green eyed postings too!!! LOL...

Lions Suck...

Printers is the No. 1, and thats where he will remain!!

Are you serious, you cant say S.u.c.k on here... wow....

Printers is the starter.

I expect him to become the leader, hopefully soon. A good deal of that will depend on how he carries himself in the locker room and in practice with his new team-mates, as well as in the games.

I don’t think he’s the franchise. No single player is. If anyone is, it’s Bob Young, but he of course would never admit to that.

No you dont :twisted:

If you added 3td passes and a convincing win to your statement above than I think Chang would buy himself an extra week or two max while Casey gets up to speed.

A prepared and ready Casey will play before a hot Chang (hypothetically) though I think.

Then that QB will bring us a lot in a trade.

printers is the starter, the leader, the captain, the franchise pick.
That`s right.

And the Cats future. There shouldnt even be a question on this subject. Printers is the starter. Its debatable who will be his backup. Right now, I would have to say Chang.

I think Hamilton fans can definitely assume that Chang is likely to be an next-year project. You don’t pay a guy 1.6 mil in the CFL over 3 years just to sit him down while developing the other guy, the rookie… as the future instead.

They`ll probably trade Chang next year and keep williams as the back up