So what happened to Ricky Ray?

CFL live gameday (such as it is) went so far as to announce Ray was hurt on a play, and then Maas came in and stayed in, apparently.

Are we talking hangnail-type injury here, or is Danny M. in the Edmonton locker room trying to drown himself in a sink?

And while I'm at it, has no one at ever accidentally clicked onto and watched their live scoring? I mean good grief. Our version looks like what you'd get by asking 10 people who'd never seen a football game or the internet to design the system, which is about as timely and user-friendly as a Soviet TV guide from 1993.

I was listening on the radio, and although they didn't go into great detail, it did not sound serious.

Danny M must feel dumb now, suddenly I’m glad Marcus isn’t playing.

Ya, I tried to watch that live scoring once, it dosen’t make any sense, where do you read what is happening. The live scoring is way better.

Go Riders!

Thats some good stuff.

Bah! Nothing on the CFL site is working for me right now. I barely got on here. From what I read on TSN, Ray is expected to play next week. He was probably just taken out as a precaution.

Nice to see Edmonton finally do something, though.

As Ray was going down, he got facemasked from behind and then was hit in the head by another rider defender after he hit the turf. It was pretty dirty IMO. But it was good to see Maas back in form. 16/19 completions for 256 yards and a TD in under two quarter of play. I know it is only a pre-season game, but it is good to see stats like that from your backup qb.

I don't believe Ray suffered anything long-term. I was actually a bit surprised at Maas. I kinda knew he was definitely in the mix, the way he, Ray, and LeFors seem to have the right chemistry as a 1-2-3 punch for QBing, and were huddled together often at last Sunday's practice. But given his performance, I have to think he would get the #2 spot. I had figured LeFors would have been the #2 for certain reasons (youth, had a 400 yd game last season, etc). Regardless, Ray's shakeup when the Sask defenders all over him did prove that whatever else we have not going for us, we do have QB depth.

Stinger....Burn.... Basicly a pinched nerve in the neck..../ Not usually serious......but don't tell that to Blake Marshall

I was glad to see his stats for last night's game. Much better than his stats against Calgary. Gives me a little more confidence in our QB line-up.

Who's stat's? YOu must be talking about Maas since Ray didn't play against Calgary.

Could RAY BE MADE OF GLASS. After watching it he should have a headache.

Yes. Guess I should have specified… :oops:

He might well be a bit fragile, he’s had no protection whatsoever for the last 3 straight seasons, usually gets drilled into the turf at least a few times each game. I’d be hurting from thursday’s events too with that kind of past history.