So what happened to our old home page?

Last night I was going to make a few comments and of course see what everyone else thought of the new all in one guy. Of course I went to our page(Number one in my bookmarks) and lo and behold nada. Anyone know whats up with that?

you didn't hear?? He's VP, GM, HC, DC, AND webmaster for the site. needs a bit of time to make some adjustments. :wink:

First off hate the new look at riderville and CFL home page, it just sucks, looks like a 10 year old did it. Second not happy I can't go to our forums from Riderville and only from CFL page... I hope someone fixes this soon, but again, our home page just plain as hell sucks the big one!!

Yeah I agree I loved the old riderville Homepage with our colors not the generic CFL one. Hopefully its only temporary and we get our old green and white pages back.

yeah, this site really sucks, like the new rules

it will take a lil getting used to...but there are some vast vast improvements coming with it. Key on the list is modern stats functionality with greatly broadened search and sort functions. They actually went to the NFL and other leagues to seek advice and lessons learned on not only the pages but the stats themselves.

The CFL page was way over due for a facelift and modernization

That is fine to add things to the CFL main site depop but what would have been wrong with keeping the teams old home page? I loved the fact when you came to OUR forums it was OUR teams colors and not this generic white and red Stamps color crap. Green and White is after all a distinction of our team and to me it feel like home. This is sterile and bland and with no Rider logo's etc it just don't feel right. I really hope this is just a temporary thing and that we get our old home site back. This just doesn't feel right. In fact it feels cheap and lazy.

I am sure it will come back in time. They will likely gave to work with the administrator of each team one by one.

I wouldn't follow anything the nfl does , just because their loaded with money , doesn't mean it's better than ours. they are constantly taking stuff away from canada and implementing it into their system.

The NFL stats keeping is second only to perhaps baseball. I would follow their lead any day.

I tweeted to the Roughrider account and asked. At first he told me that the forum hadn't been active for years (apparently this person has been a little out of touch). So I tweeted a screen capture of a recent post about Jones as GM/HC. Their response was "that should never been functioning. Our apologies. It was never monitored or maintained and isn't a reflection of the club."


Lol for some reason I could not log in so I has to change my password. These site changes are a joke. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I had to create, new email address, new handle from Linden58 to Linden53. Could have used the old Rider logo, but decided to change that also to the other green and white team being NY Jets. Perhaps and hopefully some new Rider avatars will be created.

Finally got on but had to Re Register as my existing 'log in ' info just sent to old "Unreachable" CFL web page.
Unfortunate there was no prior information that I was aware of. :frowning:

Yeah this came at us out of left field and to my knowledge no forewarning before it happened. If it would have been announced in each team’s forums this change was about to take place at least we would have some clue to what was going on. Heck yesterday I couldn’t even log in here as for whatever reason my password would not work. I ended up having to change my password which is not the end of the world but still a bit of a hassle. I’m just thankful I didn’t have to change my user name too or I would have been really ticked.

I browsed around and found the vintage Roughrider helmet - resized the pixels and there is my new avatar. 8)

StormRider1 here, entered first day of new page all ok next time, would not allow me to enter, with password, and locked me out, thus a new handle, pisses me off. this is the 3rd time on cfl forum site that it has done this to me! want our rider forums back on our home rider page


My password didn't work either (which makes total sense that if you are changing platforms that this would happen), but the reset functionality worked great.

I'm back with my old handle... what a nightmare!!


I hear ya Jimmy