So, what finally broke the camel's back ?

Ian Troop just announced that Hamilton has lost out on the main Pan Am Games stadium and the 15,000 seater will now go to Toronto somewhere. :expressionless:

what do you think happened ?

Hamilton City Council playing games?

Mayor Fred's unbending tunnel-vision?

Pressure from Toronto?

Hamilton just not ready for it?

The recent toxic waste news?

The interference by the likes of Katz or White Star?

Morons on parade................... The city could not and can arrange a two car parade.

Troop said requirements include that the track venue be in the GTA, close to mass transit, have the infrastructure to accommodate the events and spectators and that it leave a legacy in terms of sports facilities.

Perhaps when the East Mountain wind shifted they opted to just say no? Honestly though, it's a legitimate complaint from Athletics and track should be at a university location, and Hamilton would probably be better served with soccer.

I can't analyze what's going on but in some respects I think this is a wake up call in the future that Hamilton politicians start listening and communicating with business more. And this could be a positive sign for some changes in Hamilton that need to be done.
But most people I doubt care at all about track and field and you might need a larger city like Toronto to get enough people to buy tickets to watch track and field.

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Troop said it appears Hamilton will get soccer games instead.

Wonder what that means for the provincial and federal funding for the soccer stadium, or are they going to use caretaker's soccer complex instead?

It seems that lots of people are blaming the city for the loss of track and field.

A major concern of the track and field people is that the Ticats and their supporters don't want a track around their football stadium, and plan to tear that track up for football. Which is 100% true.

And yet they're blaming the city for the loss of track and field.

Not sure we have lost the stadium just that it will be for soccer not track.

Dalton and Harper are in for a penny, in for a pound, if a stadium is built on the mountain. Downtown, all bet's are off.

We have’nt lost the stadium yet just track and field events. at least half of the soccor games will be played in the new stadium

Yes, the verdict is that Ron Joyce Stadium will get half........and my gut says Burlington or another community gets the rest.

So why would the Province or the Feds fund a 15,000 seat stadium for Hamilton when they now have to fund a 15,000 seat stadium in Toronto?..wherever it goes on Toronto.

I think the City had best make amends with the Tiger-Cats, assist in getting a new stadium built on the East Mountain by whatever means and help promote it to investors.

Remember, Scott Mitchell said today that the Tiger-Cats WILL NEVER PLAY IN THE WEST HARBOUR.

Fred and half the Council won't be here past October anyhow, so it's time we forget about those clowns and start treating Bob Young and the Tiger-Cats with the respect they deserve..........and have earned !

So simple,

The fathers of the future fund only wanted to support the WH. Mr. Troop sensing a prolonged struggle to find a suitable place for a stadium pulled the plug. Blame lies with the short sighteded tunnel vision politicians and bureaucrats. Can not wait for the election!!!


Great day for Hamilton !!!!!

Track and field gone !!!!!
A plan that guarantees development at HW !!
In a more friendly family way !! Imagine maybe I should have bought a house in that area after all !!!

I d suggest (not that anyone would listen but) The deal should go like this,

The City says yes to the TiCats plan released today by begining the process and planing for an EM Stadium.
The TiCats accept by promisary note or bond that the money pleadge for WH be held for 120 days while the City takes offers from all bidders with interest in developing WH without a stadium but includes Copps and Hamilton place, Whitestar/Katz or any others. This could then be done in an open forum without the TiCats involvement.
If Whitestar / Katz have nothing to offer the TiCats Pan Am Park proposal will then be the begining of WH re-newal.

This is a no brainer and we all should be smiling today !!!

Is this really so bad … I don’t think so …
we get a Stadium with Great Site lines close to IWS.
This is great news…

We lost track and field and only get soccer?Oh my god noooo!!! Somebody tell me you're just pranking me!!! what a cruel world!

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :roll:

deerhunter: It goes way further back than any of that.
The original Hostco mandate was unattainable in the first place. Giving the Caretaker a veto but demanding the stadium be built at the West Harbour......the 50 million price tag for Bob...the political overtones and pressure by McGuinty's Liberals who wanted to get votes by re-developing an industrial area....not allowing Bob a seat at the table from the goes on. Then Hostco sat back and watched while the City and the Tiger-Cats try to make it all work.
Maybe Hamilton was a bad choice for the main Pan-Am stadium in the first place and Athletics Canada was not the only group who did not like the idea of athletes travelling down to Hamilton to compete
It all sounded good at first but in retrospect it was a badly thought out approach.
Anyone who points fingers locally after the mess the Hosco mandate turned out to be is looking at the wrong target.
Maybe a few months from now people in Hamilton will be glad they saved the West Harbour from some big commercial development.
Maybe Bob is ready with some other alternatives for a stadium.
Maybe this whole comedy of errors will be seen as a blessing in disguise months from now.


I see this as a positive development: less distraction now, and focus will be on a soccer/football stadium, not a track and field venue. Bob has already mentioned a professional soccer team at the EM site, so it blends in nicely. And the Cats are now backing a West Harbour Pan Am Park with amphitheatre and velodrome. Seems like a win-win to me.

Scott Mitchell said the Ticats would be competitive with the Als this year.

I totally agree that HOSTCO has been the one's who are to blame for this mess (and I've said it many times).....they failed to do their job!

I also think that Athletics Canada made that demand yesterday as a designed way to give Troop a quick "out"......never seen him pounce so fast !

In my opinion, the worm turned the day Fred called Bob Young and the Tiger-Cats minority partners in this whole thing and diminished their importance in the process.........and it was clear that Troop bought into that thinking from the get-go or else he would have demanded the Ticats be at the table at the first meeting.......and every minute thereafter.

This has been a corrupt process in so many disturbing ways and even Bob Bratina has lost his mind lately because some idiot "got" to him behind the scenes.

Something stinks so bad I won't be surprised at all if the O.P.P get called in to investigate what is really going on at City Hall and who is controlling things behind the scenes.

.......Follow the "forgiven" tax arrears :wink:

Can you comment on anything without saying something foolish?