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Sad .... just pathetic

How do you select all three buttons? Because that's how I'd vote.

I thought I'd seen the worst pathetic case of football when the Cats were skunked by Winnipeg. But I think this is maybe worse. A friggin 3rd string QB cold off the bench out plays our offense and our defense.

Sack all the coaches AND most of the players.

I think its mostly on the players. I see flashes of possibility, but then they screwup. The execution reeks. The coaches dont fumble. The coaches dont get beat one on one. The coaches dont get penalties. The coaches dont drop passes. The coaches dont throw ints.

I do think Lancaster need to pull a Wally and get rid of one or two vets who are not pulling their weight just to wake everyone up. Worked well for the lions, for a while at least.

2007 begins now....

I pity the fool who bought that Jason Maas jersey off ebay. What a waste on the buyers part, but what a steal for that charity.


When does the CBC think Hamilton got a second win?