So What Do You Think of Game 1?

Greene is a great athlete but reckless with the ball
McBrien showed some promise playing Calvillos Offense but that didn’t last.
Brady showed he’s the perfect finishing replacement QB. When the Als are up by 17+ in the 4th, he can get the job done and give Calvillo some rest… EXACTLY what we need to make sure he stays healthy! They also said the Don asked his QBs to call there own plays just like Calvillo. That’s a BIG DEAL in Football. Only Payton gets to do that in the NFL. Brady called the right plays for the game.

On Defense, Brightful amd Cox showed they could be starters with Karikari and Sanchez. Notice how Brightful was playing Safety and he did great so they moved him to DB where it would be likey he might start!?! Kent also played pretty good too, we got some good DBs.

I’m still not a fan of Wilson and Watkins, they just aren’t consistent. Anderson still seem to lack motivation.

Ive only seen the stats and recap of the game so I cant give the best analysis but I am happy with Brady's play and I would prefer to see him as the backup over Greene. On defence Ill take your word on the guys you noticed and the guy that keeps standing out is DD Ancholu who seemed to have another solid game. I dont think he got any sacks but he had a good game nonethe less and I can very much seem him playing opposite anwar stewart and probably getting a decent amount of sacks since teams are going to underestimate him

I listened to it on radio, and it seemed to me Adam Eckert was pretty bad, while Dario Romero could give Jerome Haywood a run for his money.

Brady will probably get more playing time next Friday. Lets see what he can do then.

I agree with you MartyMix, Greene is good, but makes some stupid decisions at times.

Don’t forget T.A.T! The game is on THURSDAY! :o I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the most exciting time in the CFL :wink: :lol:

has anyone seen brunob at an al's game?

Who’s brunob ?

Ryoon, thanks for reminding me. I was eagerly waiting for Friday, June 8th. But that doesn’t exist. Not this year in fact. June 8 will be a Friday only in 2007. So I am now eagerly waiting for Thursday, June 8th.

bruno b is a pornstar for his own website and happens to live and is based in montreal. I guess hes a als fan as well


Errr.... Ok.... And uhhhh.... why would someone come asking us if we've seen that pornstar at an Als game?...

LOL, they are 20202 fans at every game.

Like a needle in a haystack !

Ahhhhh! I think I know about this guy. He has a website showing "French Quebec girls" That's his niche. I think he's based on the South Shore (isn't THAT a surprise! lol! :wink: )

Nice niche to have.

Hey Marty. How excited are you to be 48 hours away from a game at Molson-Percival? I'm so eager to return to the stadium I think I even miss the crazy old doofus sitting next to you. (Note that I said next to you, not next to me ! :wink: )

Ahh my friend... he's next to YOU!! I already ripped my ticket out of the package :smiley: SUCKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wearing your Edwards jersey? I'll be wearing my Cahoon.

Ahhhhh I can't wait! Wanna grab a few ssomewhere?

su ck ah gets banned... ouch.

Sure, lets have a few cold ones before the game. That'll avoid us having to spend too many 8$ on beers in the stadium.

I should be wearing my Stewart jersey. I don't want to wear the Edwards game-worn jersey. It's a collector item, not a piece of clothing.

I paid so much for mine… I’m wearing it! Besides, they make them to take a beating and get washed all the time :smiley: Although Cahoon doesn’t have a gut and I have a small one… it get’s a little tight!! LOL!

Yup, same thing for me...Strickland game worn is a collector's item & signed by Strick :wink:

Ok, the truth is I could barely fit into it in December but now, I don't fit at all !

Wearing it won't change any of that!
It's like if you bought a Lamborghini, you would just look at it in your driveway and NOT drive it cause it's a collectors... Come on... Vroom Vroom! :smiley: lol!

I'll tell you that when a big drunken guy behind you puke in your back.

what about going back to olympic stadium? isn't it a bit minor league to play in such a small stadium?

The olympic stadium is an ugly piece of junk and is in a terrible location its not an option