So What Are Your Resolutions?

I'm going to try a dry Jan/Feb but which one? Seems Cancer Canada sponsors Dry Feb, so I might try that.
Jan I'll just try & be healthier in general. need to lose 20 lbs

I'm eating chips & dip as i post this with my left hand and typing with my starts in a few hours!


No decision here. Three less dry days in February.

LOL, honestly thats playing a big part too! Shortest month, so it should be easier!

But you still got Superbowl, valentines, icefishing.....

Well I am on the beach for 3 weeks in February, so I am not going to not go into the ocean :ocean:....
Oh dry February... Never mind

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My resolution for the new year is being better than the previous year in terms of finances, family relations and being a better typewriter on this forum lol.

Anyways Happy New Year to all of you and your families.


Too always remember, New Year's Resolutions are not legally binding.

That part I have known.

Probably will forget soon enough lol

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That's what I told the bank about the loan I said I'd pay back , they don't agree!

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I don't ever make resolutions but once I recover fully from my recent surgery, I need to get back into working out and drop the 10 pounds I gained over the last 6 months or so.


Banks are always party poopers


About 30 years ago I my resolution was to never make another resolution again..... that's the only resolution I've been able to keep.


If they were binding there would more of us locked up than running around loose.

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Though not a resolution related, my wife and I didn't really ring in the new-year as much as we rang out the old one in style. We celebrated at Burton Cummings' theater watching Burton Cummings perform at his birthday concert (only one word FANTASTIC) it ended at 11:45 pm so we shared our new-years kiss while driving down Portage ave.
After I arrived home was very happy to finish watching (PVR) the Canada vs Sweden WJH then the Jets vs Oilers game, all great outcomes. Kinda puts a damper on today, just going to my brother & sis inlaw's for dinner. I sure do miss the good old days :crazy_face::sparkling_heart:


I always have good intentions of getting healthier in the new year, but its hard to stick to.
Already I know it'll be tough as we still have big bags of chips & lots of booze here.....but it all starts with the right mindset & I'm focused on this one.
I'm going to get in shape this year! :muscle:

Round is a shape.

Success! :laughing:

Wild man. We were in bed by 10, though the dog barked at fireworks every half hour until 1:30. Couldn't see any of them, naturally.

I love fireworks, but I don't think people realize how much it scares pets!


No, not close to wild for 25 years now. Just a super fan of the Guess Who and members of the Guess Who... I've seen the group or some members live probably north of 15 times. I always have a difficult time sleeping after an event and an hour winter highway drive home.
Most New-years and every other day of the year, I'm in bed shortly after 9 pm

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Happy birthday, you're the second New-years child on site today.