SO .............. what are the likley "chnages"???

Chapdelaine said there would be changes but he wanted to speak to the coaches and players before
announcing" anything.

My guess for three are:

  1. PLAY CALLING - JC to call plays (I know, my brilliance astounds one and all) which will hopefully include a greater use of/commitment to the run

  2. OL - Insert an International LT (something I, and MANY others, "guessed/suggested" before the Als added Mathu Gibson yesterday -; maybe other changes amongst Nationals

  3. RB - Demote/cut Rutley and replace him with an International RB who is more of a contrast to Sutton (scatback-ish) or just better than Rutley; to diversify the running game and/or enable more two-back sets without exposing Logan to too much work.

Less a "guess" than a consequence of 2 & 3, an International receiver sits and a National receiver steps into the starting lineup.

Wonder if he will order Thorpe to mix-in more 4-man fronts; probably means adding another DT or going a little "old school" and having a hybrid DT/back-up OL. Wonder if any of the young OLs has DL experience. As a National I expect liknemen gravitate tot he OL as the best means of making the pros.

Bodanis was not bad at DL during exhibition games...

I'm in the minority here, but I don't think the O-line needs an international starter. What will help them the most are a renewed commitment to the running game and better playcalling.

Edit: I sincerely hope that Chap starts calling plays. In fact, I hope Chap does what we did with Trestovitch: the HC decides whether to call a pass play or a run play. If a pass play, HC chooses the specific play to run. If a run play, the titular OC chooses the specific play to run. This arrangement would force Calvillo to become better-acquainted with the run game and still give him some playcalling responsibilities, but under the supervision of a competent head coach.

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Another thing I want is for Chap to take the training wheels off Cato. Call deep shots, call plays with option routes, make full use of the playbook. We'll never be effective on offense with one hand tied behind our back.

They need to fix the left Tackle position. Ruby taking a step back makes sense. Next year they can look at Foucault on the left side and maybe use Ruby as a backup and develop him to take over eventually from Jeff on the right side.

So an import might make sense but I don't see how it helps them for six games unless it was an experienced guy like Ola.

Well, yeah, that's the problem. Whoever steps in to replace Ruby will need 6 games just to get up to speed, at which point the season's over. And like I said, if we start running the ball and taking shots downfield, we'll also take away a lot of the O-line's current difficulties. Guys are being asked to hold their blocks too long, or in front of pass plays that defenses KNOW are never going to be more than 10 yards at most. So the coverage is airtight and the enemy front seven can just pin their ears back and come at the line. Whenever we've gone deep with success and mixed up the playcalling this year, the O-line has suddenly, and not surprisingly, looked a whole lot better.

Agree here. Want to see a variety of play calling. Let him go. Now is the time to see what he can do.

[i]Duron Carter will have to shut up and stop clowning around, or Chapdelaine will deal with him. Apparently, Chappy does not put up with BS. GOOD! :thup:

It's about time someone puts some order and discipline in this team. [/i]

Duron seems happy with the choice, so hopefully he respects JC.

It's just insane to me that AC is stopping CATO, of all people, from going deep. But Glenn had carte blanche for the deep ball. Nuts. If you've called the right mix plays, protection shouldn't be an issue. A good OC knows how to attack defense to SET UP the big play ball, on a snap when the D might not be in the right formation or playcall to defend it. You chip away underneath, stretch the field horizontally, run the ball, and exploit the holes in deep coverage that open up as a result.

Cato throws one of the tightest spirals I've seen in quite some time and we've got him dinking 8-yard passes exclusively. Madness.

Not sure how one can be so definitive on saying "AC is stopping Cato from going deep"
From what I saw Cato opened the game with a deep overthrow to Cunningham. The O-line did not hold up and Cato had to let it go too early.

Its hard to say that the numerous short throws were the number one option or emergency check downs. The O-line continually broke down and Cato generally had less than 2 seconds of protection. Often this pressure came from 3 man fronts

Cato was sacked 4 times and had multiple unplanned scrambles.

On the completed curl routes to Cunningham, you could see the other option was Carter supposedly running deep beside Cunningham. You could also see on those plays that Carter was simply loping down the field.

I agree though that the deep passing game needs to be fixed. Just saying you may be too quick to state so definitively that the OC stopped Cato from throwing deep. Most pass plays have 3 options built in.

Chapdelaine will hopefully address these issues.

When Lewis doesn't get a ball till the third quarter there are coaching issues.

The talking point was throwing deep, not the traditional short passes to Lewis. And I'm not suggesting the coaching is not poor.

No, you tried to absolve Calvillo so you made it a coaching issue.

LOL…That’s not what I said at all and you know it.

What I did say was that it is difficult to say that the deep ball problems definitively is because " Calvillo will not allow him to throw deep"

I see that Cato has little time because of 0-line difficulties
Cato may be checking down ( maybe prematurely)
Receivers are not going all out

I’m not absolving Calvillo at all. Just that there are perhaps other reasons adding to the difficulty of the deep ball imo There has been a lot wrong. It’s easier to blame just one facet I know.

If in your mind it’s just Calvillo that’s OK too. Now that Popps out he’s the next target.

I've been consistent in that there are many issues. But yes play calling, balance and ball distribution has been a problem all season with the exception of one or two games. I don't expect a coaching change to fix all but Chapdelaine has been successful with a variety of quarterback styles.

Agree. Nobody is arguing with you.

I agree with Slant that very first QB throw was a long pass to Cunningham and the OL was having a problem with our QB protection. " Carter was simply loping down the field,"Slant are you inferring that Carter was running slower " than his usual speed? Watching Cato, I did not think he was checking down on all his receivers. I did expect Cato to run more to escape the defenders. I thought a more sideline run/pass option would be appropriate and, I did believe Cato should throw long more often, as he has the arm to effectively throw long. Its the Als long week off and, we’ll have to go another several days before possible pass changes will be produced. Yes, with all the short passing I did expect Nik Lewis to be more targeted, he’s our best short pass receiver to date. Its the old chicken egg thing. Was the pass blocking insufficient or, was Cato too slow in getting his passes away?

Every aspect of that offense has misfired at times. Problems are all over the place.