So were not chasing him out of town?

Just wondering where all you Maas haters are right now! Is the organization now allowed to keep him on the roster? Great game last night!!!!

mass was put at the controls of a very badly designed offense from the start of the year and since paopao has been gone you can see him picking it up more and more each game.

I think last night was a huge confidence boost for maas and it will only help him from now till the end of the year.

who knows... we may make it to the cup. sask. was a 3rd place team in 89 and made it there. if toronto loses the rest and we win the rest we are in the playoffs.

i think you mean if winnipeg loses all their games. the best we can do is tie toronto and toronto has won all the games against us

A pretty tall order. Not quite out yet but for us to run the table and the Bombers to loose all their games..........Possible, but not likely.

Maas was steady, sharp and confident. I think the coaches should be asking him what he feels most confident in doing.

Use the guy's skills and abilities and work it into our offensive scheme. It was painfully obvious that Paopao and Maas were worlds apart.

Get the o-line to continue the improvement, work in Holmes and Lumsden, find a solid wide-out to compliment Flick and we have an explosive offence.

The defence has really played well over the last few weeks and is showing some encouraging signs of consistency.

Let Maas have some creative input. :thup:

Yes Maas was good. He just needed to get healthy and have a game plan that was within his realm. Some of these so called fans would chase out every QB we have. They even wanted to get rid of Danny M. Good to see Maas deliver.

8) If the so called "fans" that you are referring to are the ones that sit behind the TiCat bench, and hurl insults at our players, specifically Jason Maas, they are nothing but classless, drunken morons, who have nothing better to do with their lives !!!!

Count me among the Maas haters. Way to late for me. Danny Mac was always inconsistent and thus deserved every catcall he got. The Box J crew however should be barred from the stadium since they go WAAAAAAAAY overboard. My friend's wife has tix there and he refuses to sit with her and her parents. I took her tix one game and will never go back. What a bunch of idiots.

Congratulations Jason on an outstanding game. You played great, showed strong leadership, and demonstrated you are a top flight CFL quarterback. Keep up the good work, the best is yet to come for you and the Tiger-Cats.