So we know the Stones are doing the half-time show, but...

Have they announced who will be doing the Superbowl Shuffle yet? The Burger King did a great job last year.

Screw that. I wanna see who wins this year's Bud Bowl. I'm thinking of taking Bud Light and the points.


but I love Molson better. 8)

I just wanna watch the commical commercials. :smiley:

do you Canadians get to see the great commercials too?

Here is the Burger King doing the Superbowl Shuffle:

I believe that's 'primetime' Deion Sanders touchdwon dance.

I prefer the Lingerie Bowl on PPV.

No, unless you have a dish. Our stupid cable companies replay the Subway commercial over and over and over and over and over and oops sorry got into a rut. Then if the cable guys fall asleep, we miss some of the post game because they miss flipping the switch. Shaw cable sucks big time. The only time we see the Super Bowl commercials is when our local newscast plays them on their segment "Sattalite debris".

Yeah, the only thing I'm really interested in while watching the SuperBore, oops Superbowl, is the commercials ... unfortunately, I never get to see them ...

no wonder the rating for the Super Bowl are so low in Canada.