So, We can purchase our seats when the season ends!

[url=] ... 174&page=1[/url]

Only $74.99 for 18 inches of 2" x 12"... and the paint and the magic marker numbers come free!

Come on guys. For those of us on the wooden benches, the rental of a Sawzall for 1 minute at $5 seems like a fair price.
I wouldn't mind a piece of that old plank but for 75 bucks?????

All of you who contributed to my thread of last winter... what say ye?


No one's stopping me from bringing a hack saw and doing it myself at the end of the last game.

Yeah, no one except security, besides how do you subtly take a hacksaw to a bench? Anyways, I wonder if they'd let me take three for $74.99. I'm on the North side, so we have those metal benches riveted to the concrete. It would be both a souvenir and functional.

Well I suppose you could do a Wiley E. Coyote sort of thing and just cut your bench WHILE you're sitting on it. :smiley:

Works better for lighter people though. :wink:

Not for me. :oops: