So was it that terrible?

After all the complaining about Rogers Centre not being completely changed over to a Football field. Was it really that big of a deal?


I agree about the smoke but I was refering to the baseball diamond on one end!

No i was there and it was barely even noticeable.

Not nearly as bad as Dolphin Stadium.

Visually It Looked Fine And It Didn't Appear That Any Of The Player Had Problems With Traction. However, I Remember Hearing Someone Say At The Begining Of The Game That There Was Worry That MLB Standards Require Less Padding Under The Turf Then The Argos Normally Play With. I Wonder If The Players Are A Little More Sore Then They Would Normally Be After A Game Like That.

Ro, don't be a noodle. The baseball turf would clearly not make a difference for the fans. Players are the one who played on near-concrete. Don't ask us if it was terrible. Ask them.

I'm sure the Argos players must be more sore than usual. Montreal players must be pretty much okay since they did not really play. They just jogged a bit on the field...

A field like that might account for the 31-6 score 3/10?

Re-read my comment Sambo.

I did not blame the loss on the playing surface, far from it. I said the Als would not even know if the field was appropriate or not because they did not bother making an effort anyways.

lol :lol: :lol: ture ture.. :lol:

I got what you meant , I was just being a smart@ss... :lol:

Actually, the quasi-baseball field brought back painful memories of the Expos for Montreal, which had Calvillo nostalgically yearning for the 1990s, when he routinely used to throw 5 picks a game in his Posse/Ti-Cats days (lol).

lol... But the sad thing is even when Calvillo was a big-time loser with those teams, he never threw 5 picks in one game. Four was his current record.

Like they say, records are made to be broken!


Montreal got smoked and were called out. :wink: :lol:

the atmosphere for that game was electric...the roof was closed, and it sounded like a full house in there.

and with all the plays goin the argos way, the crowd was real vocal, and i heard a guy behind me comment ' its electric in here'...and it was.

when they announced damon back in the game, the crowd went nutty.