So tired of Thursday Night Games

They gotta go.

Bad enough with games Thurs Fri Sat Sun, four days all stretched out. These holiday weeks are unbearable. I got into football mode Thurs (but had to miss the game because of work and the game in the eastern time zone (!). Then two whole days of NO football. Then one Sun and 2 Mon. This week is ridiculous.

I get into football mode for the weekends, then I do other things during the week. These Thursday games are just wrong. Just when one week finishes, the next one is already upon you. I hate it. BC plays on Thurs, Winnipeg plays on Sun. These are rivals in the standings. When one team wins, you want to see if the other team can keep pace, but then have to wait THREE DAYS! It's stupid.

This is all just my personal perspective, but what about the players? Some teams get a 5 day week and others 9!! Mind you they make sure that teams seem to have maybe 1 rest day difference max when playing each other, but even that must make a massive headache for the scheduler for no reason whatsoever.

Yes I realize that the move is for TV. Yes I realize that the league is becoming less and less gate driven, but I just can't stand these Thursday nite games. They drive me nuts. They have to stop. I don't ever want to see them again.

I think its because sportsnet picked up thursday night games i get it now but it sucks for a lot of people like me but im sure a lot of others are able to go that couldnt before possibly who knows

Im interested to see how well sportsnet nfl stacks up against cfl on thursday. They will have equal max viewers almost sportsnet has 8.3 mill and tsn has 9. Bet cfl wins all those thursdays

After many months of NFL, baseball, hockey etc, I'm so happy for the Thursday, Friday and weekend CFL. Ours is a too short season and, those Thursday CFL evenings are very welcome.

If your a true fan, it goes like this...... get the schedule and make plans well in advance. One or two Thursday games is no big deal. Find excuses to go, instead of not too !

Don't even try to tell me that I'm, not a true fan. Stop right there.

I work until 7 on Thursdays and my job is very important to me and I am relied upon there. I CAN'T go. And like I said, if a game starts in the Eastern timezone I can't even WATCH it on TV as it is finished just as I get off work. I have friends on Vancouver Island who regularly take Fridays off to come to Friday games and cannot get back home until the next day due to the ferries stopping service at 11pm. For Thursday games they need to take TWO days off. That's ridiculous. Imagine families needing to take kids out of school TWO DAYS to attend a football game 2 hours away.

Yes, one or two Thursday games in a year is no big deal, but one every week sucks! I'm not just talking about attendance. I'm talking about following the entire league as I try my best to do. The routine is terrible. I can't stand it anymore.

I wish there was a game every day of the week !!! Funny how that BIG league down south started with regular Thursday games a couple years ago and I don't think too many complained about that. They are trying to copy the CFL model with the games spread out to increase the viewership. It sucked when people could only watch two games on a Sunday, the 1:00 game and then the 4:00. First, it was Monday night football. Then came the Sunday night game. A few years ago they started with the Thursday nights. After college football finishes up they start playing games on Saturdays.
I understand your issue, but that is what is best for the majority.
If you are talking about attending actual games, you have to look at the schedule in February when it comes out and you have lots of time to make plans. There are only nine or ten days out of an entire year that you get to watch your team play at home. Shouldn't be too difficult to live life around those ten days.

Games from Thursday to Sunday? Sounds good to me. The more football, the better.

As for working late, doesn't TSN replay the games on TSN2 or did they stop that? Just avoid all news and watch the replay. Or TIVO it or something.

I would like to see more of a balance among teams with regards to hosting Thursday night games. Montreal hosted four times (five including pre-season), BC twice, Winnipeg twice and Edmonton once. I'm sure Montreal agreed to that, but if we have to do it nine times, each team should host just once. I couldn't attend either Thursday BC game, so I'd rather miss one, not two.

As for Thursday game viewing, I love it! Four days of football are my favourite weeks. A game ends on Sunday and another one comes on in three days, that's heavenly. I have never liked weeks where there is a doubleheader on a Friday and a double header on Saturday. If I have plans one of those nights, I miss both games. If it's spread out, I can catch at least two or three.

But I think the CFL realizes there are different preferences, so they change it up frequently. Although that may be because of stadium availability more than anything...

I have no problem with Thur games.

What should stop is double headers.

I hate those. Those going to a game live miss the second half of a game on tv.

No need for them . Spread them out.

I work most weekends, love Thursday games! This years TiCat schedule is awesome!!

We need the fifth game...