So the ticat's season is over.... but!

The Hamilton Bulldogs season is just starting! I know many of you don’t really like hockey, or think the skill level of the AHL sucks. But let me tell you. This years team is very good and very entertaining to watch. We have a very good goalie, huge defence, and a mix of tiny danglers and snipers on our offense. The Ti-Cats had a bad season, maybe try watching a few bulldogs games? They are a great team, and it confuses me why the Ti-cats get so many spectators with a 3-15 record… while the bulldogs are 7-2-1-0…

Hmm, something to consider!

Next Home game is Saturday Night at 7pm!! Hope to see ya there!

I hate Hate Hockey :lol:

I am going Watch NCAA and NFL then Sleep till the CFL Draft..

Now that the Ticats are finished for yet another year lets focus on the Bulldogs.I am a Canadiens fan and I've watched guys like Higgins and Kostitsin come up to the big team while they still toiled for the Bulldogs and it was great hockey to watch.I am also an ex season ticket holder with the Ticats thru the not so great years since 1999.It makes you feel a little better that we have a Calder Cup Champ in Hamilton.

Onknight - I'm with you Hockey is not my cup of tea. Hockey is nothing more than UFC on skates. Try that crap in any other sport and your gone.

Now that is just ignorant. So what if they allow fighting, it brings a lot of excitement to the game. Besides, it's not like fighting is the only thing that happens, lots of games go without fights.

I say everyone put cham820 on thier radio or computer on sunday at 400 pm and listen to a game and find out how exciting it is. If you like it come down to copps and watchs them live! Thats not to much to ask eh?

Ice hockey?? No way !!

basketabll season just started....raps are 3-0 :smiley:

Raptors, NFL, NCAA, leafs

Hockey exhales vigorously!!!!

Overrated,tacky,cr@pola where national embarassments like Don Cherry are seen as voices of reason!

I would'nt pay a plug nickel for professional hockey,so,why would I invest one nanosecond for minor league shlockey?

Football until the beginning of February.Then it's spring training and the beginning of Baseball season.Then it's racing at Ohsweken and Merrittville.Then 7 months of football begins in June!

Football,Baseball,Boxing,and,Car Racing...Everything else is meaningless!!!

I now see why the Ti-cats draw huge crowds. Lots of Hamiltonians are stupid and ignorant.

Thanks for dropping by go back from where you came!

Now hold on a minute.

Dogsfan comes on our board and wants to promote people going to Copps and he gets berated???

I'm with him.

I go to 10-15 games a year with the kiddos and it is excellent entertainment. For cheap. You can get tickets for $15.

As a Cats season ticket holder...I would go so far as to say that for pure entertainment value (at least now), the Dogs surpass the Cats.

So...give our canine brethren a try. Plus, you're supporting another entity in Hamilton to keep our fair city as vibrant as it can possibly be. You won't be disappointed.

Don't let the rocket scientists on here fool you. A lot of Hamiltonians are NOT stupid and ignorant. There are some who are and (sadly) many of them post on here. :wink:

Welcome to the site and keep supporting the Dogs. I love hockey, but I'm all sportsed out right about now. I'll be cheering on the Dogs from home with the hope that I might make a game or two this year.

How dare you come on here and call Hamiltonians stupid and ignorant,
just because we are Canadians doesn’t mean its our obligation to like hockey!,
some people just don’t like it…

I myslelf…I like football better than hockey,but I do like hockey and I do watch a few dog games each year,but do not come in here and call people who don’t like hockey stupid and ignorant,you should look in the mirror!

I think that maybe we have alot of nay sayers on this thing or maybe they are closet Maple Leaf fans!After all who would want to admit to that,huh?