so the riders win the cup..............

without any help from DJ Flick that is, chokes in the big game, without Fantuz the Riders would have been screwed. DJ Flick one again proves he is a big choker with a good supporting cast. All in all though Desjardins should still get a ring, seeing as how much he helped them.

LOL :lol: :lol:

He helped the Riders all year long. That’s good enough for me.

what were dj flicks stats for the game? anyone know? I have him marked down as Grey Cup Champion............good enough for me. He won, he has a ring, he was huge reason why they made it that far and he did contribute in the game, people can cry but a champion tonight!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FLICK FAMILY, YOU HAVE BEEN THROUGH A LOT THIS YEAR, ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS AND BEST WISHES ALWAYS, FROM A TICAT FAN AND A DJ FLICK FAN.

Ummm...Black and Gold, did you see where he damn near had the misguided pass from KJ on the first play of the game, that would have been a TD if Joseph (not DJ) had been on aim?

Sort of stretched the Bomber Secondary and left the Rider receivers catching "under" passes all night, as Wpg had to guard against the mere potential of what DJ can and does bring to the table.

Did you notice he ended the year as the Rider top receiver?

Did you notice that he caught a tom of TD's this year?

Or are you just kicking your pig tripping lip around because the departed Marcel made a foolish move in trading him?

without any help from DJ Flick that is, chokes in the big game
Only thing Mr Flick is choking on tonight is CHAMPAGNE!!!!!!!!

I don't know if some of you guys know but DJ is a Champion as much as anyone on the Riders Team. I guess that you will have to carry your grudge against him for awhile longer. He is a Champion on a Championship Team so live with it.

Flick is fast, hes tough, and hes got good hands. He deserved a ring.

This is such a stupid thread. The guy contributes to a Grey Cup victory and its all about stats?

Look at the front page of the Spec this morning, I know i got a smile out of it.

Flick is a choker who disappears in big games..... Riders won but who really cares??...I know I don't....

Flick played hurt the last 2 games, he probably wishes he could have contributed more but he left it all on the field, not to mention he got clobbered by Ike Charlton yet hung on to the ball.

Like I said in another similar thread, he could throw himself a touchdown and still wouldn’t please some of you.

Maybe you can give us exactly when he choked in what game and where. I've followed his play since High School and I've never seen him choke. You know that it might be you choking your chicken!!

Steve268 watch your language this is a family site.... Flick is a classless loser who disapears in big games... If you have followed his career as you say then you know thats true and thats why your so upset...

Seeing how this is an 8 team league every team is going to have a couple players that have played to another team(s). If we won the GC this year I’m sure BC fans would call the the Hamilton Lions seeing how we have Printers, Armour, McKay.

Every team has players that have played for other teams in this league.

DJ drops a pass and he is labled a choker, Fantuz drops a couple too but he carried the team because he gets a touchdown. Why not give credit where credit is due. Winnipeg's defense played a hell of a game. They kept pressure on Kerry the whole game and kept him off balance. DJ takes a lick and holds onto the ball. He can play on my team anyday. If you are looking for a choker maybe look at Sir Charles the self proclamed Grey Cup MVP. Nobody dropped more balls than him. You are incorrect to call DJ a classless loser. But you would be correct to call him a Grey Cup Champion. Apparently you forgot that football is a team sport. Good luck with Casey Printers.

You nailed it :thup: ... AND as somebody else so rightly pointed out...this is a team sport and he was an integral part of that TEAM! :thup: :thup:

Here we are just a few days into the off-season and some people are already trying to re-write history with their biased opinions! :roll:

He won a Grey Cup Ring as a member of the team and you can't take that away from him! :thup:

All I will say about the riders is that for the first time in seventeen years I saw the winning team bring the cup to the fans and let them hold it right after the game!In all cases teams selfishly keep the cup close to the players only and then drag it to thier locker room!One class act by the rider players!

Remember this fella's (to those who trash DJ) You are losers and that won't change, ever. As to what is said here, how does your class less character asassination viewed by your children? Do you realize that your rotten attitude is helping to build another generation of lossers, like their fathers. Peace.

What are lossers....steve268 if your going to insult someone make sure you know how to spell the insult.... DJ is a choker and a classless (one word) loser.... As are all his fans.....

If you are looking for losers, You need not look on our side of the fence. I'm sure by looking at Hamilton's record this year that there are a few in your own back yard. I don't believe that all Hamilton fans are losers, I can clearly see that at least 1 is. BTW the Grey Cup is coming to my town on Monday and I will remember 1 loser that won't be there to see it