So the Riders haven't made any moves yet....

Does any one know whats going through Taman's head, are we rumored to be after anyone or???? Someone wanna fill me in :expressionless:

I heard you guys WERE in the market for Tisdale.Also heard Hudson's name pop up.He's probably not coming back to hamilton now that we have Wayne Smith.Maybe you guys will also sign Floyd because word is he will be traded/released.

I am sure offers are being made. we don't have a full understanding of cap room. You know they were going after Rey, and just didn't pan out. most situations wear a big name has been picked up also lost a big name FA, thereby freeing up room to make a move. There is not a pile of wiggle room with the cap.

They locked up some guys before f.a. And they have a solid team already... Pretty much the same team that almost won the grey cup last year. I still hate them though.

Yeah, but with back-to-back Grey Cup losses, I'd be looking to improve.

u also spent 280,000 over 2 years on gauthier. my guess, u guys are pushing or are over the cap at this moment and will probaby be releasing some players in the near future along with edmonton and probably hamilton.

the Riders should have cap room with Oday retiring and Fantuz gone. 140k a year does seam high, but, he is one of the best linemen in the league.

Don’t forget that the biggest change for the riders this year will likely be the coaching staff.

O'Days and Gaunthiers contracts should cancel each other out and with Fantuz gone that money may have been used in locking up other potential free agents. Hopefully they kept enough room to keep Lucas around.

ya but didnt u guys also resign some of your players earlier in the off season.. i mean lance frazier probably got a nice raise.

all the guys who resigned earlier in the off season im sure got some decent pay raises aswell.

I have no doubt those guys got some raises, but I doubt Taman has us over the cap already.


you don't call getting a new DC and a new Special teams coach and head coach an improvement?

their coaching staff for 2011 compared to 2010 is so much better!

Losing Daley was a huge improvement! But I'd still look at improving the team. Especially considering Calgary and Montreal have made some decent moves.

Riders have signed former Ticats OL Geroge Hudson.

now that is what I call an improvement!

Hudson and Gauthier will make our O-Line a force to be reckoned with!! improvement from maybe two days ago, but from last year?..the rider O-line was pretty decent already, signing Hudson and Gauthier isn't really an improvement, it's maintaining status quo...but as a response to the original question the riders have made some moves now....

well, when those 2 are 2 of the best O-Lineman in the league.. that's an improvement.

and we took your Eubanks...

Riders o-line sure isn’t getting any younger though.

..really?, I wasn't aware I had a personal service contract with John, no wonder I hadn't seen him around me lately....

...seriously though, when a team has no vested interest in a player anymore, doesn't renew his contract and that player doesn't play for that team for more than a season, it's hardly 'taking' them from said team...

......I guess the riders are going for experience...Knowing Taman, that's the game he plays...They certainly have a top-heavy coaching group...How many former head-honchos on their bench??? :lol: Guess that should get you to a Cup game all on it's own.....orrrrr will it :roll:

The Rider Oline was shaky at points last season, largely due to age. It appears they are going to the same direction this year as well.

On the bright side, Hamilton took Daniel Francis off our hands