So... the 'Cats are After Kenton Keith

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Let the speculation begin.

I'm sure it was only a matter of time. Lumsden is a great RB, but it appears Management wants to take a shot at somebody that can be in the line up. Wonder what this may do to Lumsden if Hamilton is not successful signing Keith.

what i dont get is even if Lumsden is gone....the cats still have a very capable starter in Caulley and a good back-up in Smith....

Most teams are going to make him an offer. Saskatchewan have Cates and they are interested.

Probably the only teams that won't offer him a contract are Edmonton and Calgary and BC.

so HFx do you have any good reason why you think winnipeg will need another running back? or are you just saying that because they dont have a good record?

Well I would think that Winnipeg would jump at the chance for a gamebreaker anytime. They would be crazy not to try.

I think Joe Smith is a good back so is Cobourne and Dorsey. Still Keith as a football player is a step up from those guys.

He's a legit 200+ pound running back who can catch and has a top gear to beat db's. Smith dosen't have that. Medlock will draw this out, its obvious most teams don't have any cap space to add a contract like that at this time of the year. Medlock also has a problem because how he's negotiated in the pass. He negotiated for months with Buono and then turned down a 400k contract for Printers. Last season he verbaly agreed to a deal for Printers with Montreal only to up the ante with Hamilton. GM's across the league will be very weary of putting an offer in front of him unless he is in town across a table with them. So the offers he gets will depend on how teams perform by season's end. If Smith has a 5 yard per carry and Winnipeg misses out they may make an attempt. Tillman will for sure try to sign him if he's available after the present season. If Keith wants a signing bonus now then the Ticats are probably the only team who can make this deal.

I have to disagree, i like KK but he's not a step up on Cobourne. That kid is something special....

trust me HFx Taman would rather stick with our running backs right now, the bombers dont need to pick up that kind of salary for nothing.

Agree Green2 about what you say about Cobourne, dead on.

I think Hamilton trying to get Keith is a waste of time and money. If your team is struggling, shouldn't you try and improve at something you aren't doing well? Trying to trade for Tom Canada, and getting Alain Kashama are steps in the right direction, since Hamilton desperately needs a pass rush.

But Hamilton has the best running game in the CFL. Why are they trying to improve by changing the ONE THING they do better than anyone else?