So Rita is Fired in A*&%land

So with Rita not being offered a new contract people are speculating about a lateral shift to hamilton on the main board. I presume that all right-thinking people would call this idea lunacy.

I was just wondering, was there evidence of Rita-Barker tension last year? I don't remember hearing of any.
Lefko suggests that it was clear.

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Both seem to have big egos. The fact that Barker had such success (relatively speaking) with the team last year highlighted how badly Rita has mishandled the coaching and QB situations in previous years. Of course there were also rumours of management interference under Cynamon's ownership.

For what it's worth, I would. I can't think of any reason to hire Rita.

I will agree Rita had to go, however Barker might get spread too thin doing this, having the head coach as the GM can cause issues. I sincerely hope the Cats aren't considering Rita, as GM. However, I'm conflicted if I'd rather have Scott Mitchel or Adam Rita as president.

This is addition by subtraction for the Argos. Rita's been retirement-mode for years now. Maybe now they'll find a QB and a couple of good receivers.

An Argo-Cat fan

I kind of hope the Tiger Cats also start a long search for a couple of receivers as well. If the other teams can find juys like Edwards, Green, Lewis, Bryant, Franklin and a hsot of others. The Cats should be able to upgrade the current receiving core. McDaniels and Mann are too inconsistent and Bruce and Stala are starting to age. Better is better..........