SO Rawnotsoricky

were was this ''beating'' on our home turf??

lol that was a damn good game

wow, i was expecting a win, but wow, that was amazing

I was a little worried when Edmonton got their first TD, but after that it was just amazing, I cheered so loud at home when Glenn threw his first TD of the year.....great game.

i've been relatively low key til now, but damn the bombers were awesome today! kicked danny "man boobs" machio's butt all over the field - how sweet - too bad gass was too "sore" to play! note to gass - roberts played the full game and ran all over ur D!!! SWEET!!!

…so much for esks. little quote’ when Charlie gets hit a few times he tends to not want to get the ball anymore’…i think the schmoes better re-think that one …lol lol.

More like when Charlie gets hit he tends to bounce off and keep running.

I'm just glad glenn finally got a TD, only took him 3 games, but now he's getting in a nice rhythm

You'r right about that. Man, I had forgotten how it felt to see Glenn have a good game. Nice start. Hope he can keep it up. This raw raw thing seems to be contagious.

Anyone looking for a good laugh? Look at BleedsGreen's topic a while back. The title is "Should the Bombers even bother fielding a team this year?" Dumbass


or JetsIn07 thread who claims to be a Bombers fan, find that hard to believe...

Some of those runs by roberts were just simply amazing even though they were like for 5-10 yards.

Pokey's I like the penguins. I think now it's time for the Blue to show they can win on the road. I already am a believer but would good to see them be a precence on the road, which tyey will starting this week

My favorite was when he spun off that guy

Hats off to the Bombers!! They’ve been a disappointment for so long that I’ll have a hard time believing that they’re the real thing for a couple more games yet. I need to see how they do against a tough Argo defense at home looking for revenge.

Congrats to the Bombers! Speaking as an Als fan who watched you guys play a very competitive game against us in week one and almost win, I'm not surprised you beat Edmonton. I'm a little surprised that you thrashed them, yes, but not that Doug Berry is slowing building a contender here. We here in Montreal know what Berry can do with an offence and it's no shock to see him working his magic in Winnipeg. Your defence looks terrific -- why didn't Malveaux play like this for us last year??

so far the entire coaching staff are pulling their weight.....I also like the way they have been scheming for the it down TOs throat and lite it through the air against EEs man coverage....that tells me we have a very good coaching staff.....

oh and RAW........told ya.....

Gee, Rickywhatsmynametoday hasn't answered you guys....How does that saying go??? "He can dish it out, but can't take it."

Pretty impressive win. Good for you guys.

..thanx Sporty....hope you have the same success Fri........i think rawdidn' just a little naive and a has lousy football in-sight...all of his bragging about how they were going to obliterate us....was just wind...anyway....we think we have turned the cornor....sure as heck have turned some heads....and if we can keep this going...we should be able to pick-up a play-off spot...who knows.. :wink: :slight_smile:

Yeah Papa, I didn't see the game but reading the papers, it looks like you guys have done a real good turn around this season... Hey, maybe if Glenn can consistantly put a few good games together, you might make a beleiver out of me regarding him as your starter.