So predictions anyone?????????

So does anyone have any predictions on how our green and white are going to do this year???????????? I know its a little early but what the hell. My heart tells me 16-2 with a first round bye and we go all the way to calgary and win it in their backyard where HB and the karate kids have to watch it all first hand.

BUT, my head is telling me that we're going to be going somewhere like 7-10 or 6-11 :frowning: Maybe 9-9? I just dont know......... :?

I hope my heart is right.

I see the Rider crossing over. Montreal will dominate the east, as usual, and the rest of the East will be fortunate to have 10 wins combined.... unless one of those teams pulls a big surprise, but I don't see that happening, at least not this year.

I think the Riders will be battling for first with Calgary. I think BC and Edmonton will be neck and neck for third. I donโ€™t think Edmonton has improved and IMO BC is weaker.
Young QBโ€™s are offset by mighty offensive weapons. If Durant manages the game, the offensive will march steadily. Look for 11-7. If Durant breaks out this year 15-3.

I like the cut of your jib.

Sign me up for whatever swift dave said.

If it's possible to finish 5th in the West, i'm sure this crew will make it happen. Horribly mismanaged the past couple of seasons will show itself in the standings this year.

i figure 9-9, go into edmonton and lose to the eskies in the first round.

but hopefully i am wrong and we are 13-5 and host a playoff game.

I think it will be determined by the o-line. If the quarterbacks get time to throw and the line is able to open some holes for Cates we'll probablly be okay. Say .... 10 - 8.

All hinges on the O-line

Double D needs lots of support upfront.Give him the extra second needed for a read, no clutching and grabbing drive killers.

Ball control drives, creative offensive play calling , eat up the clock.....So tired of 1st down run plays thru heart of a D-Line leaving us 2nd and 7....URRRGGGGGHHHH

Same applies for the Cates train. He's a real hard nosed grinder and game changer, if we want Cates for a 21 game season we need serious hole openings for the 30 year old.

We have the best Slots in the league, should be no problem drawing LB's with them leaving room for the running game.

Defense...........Keep them off the field......

10-8 crossover

My prediction is 12-6.

Montreal 12-6
Winnipeg 9-9
Hamilton 8-10
Toronto 7-11

Calgary 11-7
Sask 10-8
Edmonton 8-10
BC 7-11

BC will be the worst in the west, finishing just behind Edmonton.

Nobody better than 12-6. 11-7 may even be the best record but I put Montreal at 12 wins. Only 8 wins will be needed to get in the playoffs and there will not be a crossover.

I don't see the east coming away with that many wins against the west. 36 wins in each division means they split all 32 of the inter-division games 16-16. I can see Montreal running with the Western teams -- to an 4-4 or 5-3 record -- but I just can't see the rest of the eastern division stacking up against the West. I just don't see even Edmonton or BC with a losing record against Winnipeg / Hamilton / Toronto -- even if they get swept by Montreal.

Take one or two wins from each team in the East and add it to the West and you'll be a lot closer.

I do not see the East being that strong this year.

I believe 10-8 is attainable. Offensively I think we have as much talent as any team in the CFL for options for the QB to look throw to or running the ball. Defense will be the biggest question mark I believe, if they struggle I think the offense can win some games for them, if they play well I think we'll likely surprise all the odds makers once again.

Cgy - 12-6
Edm - 11-7
Sask 10-8
BC - 10-8

Mtl - 11-7
Ham 7-11
Wpg 7-11
Tor 4-14

Since the media, the pundits and more than half our fans (see above) think we will be at or near the bottom - just like the position we were in the last two year - I have no doubt that we will be 12 and 6 again this year - just like the last two years. Worst case, 11 and 7 if another year of over-league-average injuries again. People underestimate the multiplying effect of multiple injuries over time, so really do not appreciate just how good we did last year in the circumstances ... and what we might have acheived with a few less of them.

Good chance we will be first in the west, certainly second.

With such limited experience at quarterback, the most important position, it would not surprise me to see a 7 - 11. But, whether they win 1 game, or 15 games, I'll be watching every game. I'm just glad football season is back!


Depends on where the prediction is coming from.

If it's coming from my Rider heart, we're going 18-0 baby!

Unfortunately, my CFL head has us at 6-12. (and it hurts something awful to say that)

I'm still thinking/hoping that record might be good enough for a cross-over spot.

It'll take either a boatloat of injuries to all our western div opponents, or one of Ricky Ray, Henry Burris, Buck Pierce, Jarius Jackson, Anthony Cavillo, Quinton Porter, or Kevin Glenn defecting to bump up that number.
(LeFors and KJ can stay right where they are)

SO many in my province are fooling themselves about our QB situation... and that's just the MAIN concern...

I would so "SO many in my province are exaggerating about our QB situation ...". Yeah, it's a concern but it's only one position, an important one sure, but still only one of 36 positions (12 offence, 12 defence and 12 special teams). I prefer to keep it in perspective.

We will be 9-9 this year, thus obtaining the crossover position. After beating Montreal by 2 points in the eastern final, we will enact revenge against Calgary by pummuling them by the score of 34-23 in the gray cup! (Burris will become a causulty of the game by a late hit laid upon him by non other than Shultzy on Calgary's first possesion.)